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2018-02-09 CDAMG Conference Call

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HL7 CDAMG Minutes

Location: Conference Call

Date: 2018-02-09
Time: 2:00 PM (ET)
Facilitator Brett Note taker(s) Lisa
Attendee Name

X George Dixon
Jean Duteau
X Rick Geimer
Kai Heitmann
X Brett Marquard
X Linda Michaelsen
Dale Nelson
X Lisa Nelson
Andrew Statler
Quorum: Chair +3

Agenda & Minutes

  • Welcome Guest: Austin Kreisler (Note: Call was not listed on the HL7 Conference Call Calendar)
  • Agenda review
  • Approve Minutes of 2018-01-29_CDAMG_WGM
    • No changes requested; Approved by consensus
  • Review items
    • CDA R2.1 Style Sheet Creation PSS
      • Motion to approve (Lisa/Rick) 0-0-4
      • Discussed the need to have the Transforms from FHIR to CDA IG will eventually be needed in the FHIR IG
      • Before the FHIR IG can be considered complete, the mappings between FHIR and CDA should go through ballot. Mapping spreadsheets need to be included as an informative resource.
      • Rick expressed concern about mappings getting "locked down" and not allow for easy modifications
      • Austin suggested we consider the production of the transforms as an additional component of the project for future consideration
      • Brett wants to add, "When transforms are developed, they will be publically available for review."
      • Austin - will take the question back to the CDC to see if they would be open to including this adjustment to the Scope Statement.
      • Motion to approve with caveat that Scope will be modified to include making transforms publically available (Rick/Lisa) 0-0-4
  • Discussion Topics
    • SWOT
      • Reviewed the SWOT
      • Any updates as a result of activity at the WGM?
      • Did we add: How do we manage quality problems for IG's that have already been published? Add as a Weakness list in SWOT.
        • A Project has to be initiated to re-affirm an existing IG to extend it for an additional 5 years. CMG could identify low quality IGs and notify WGs that the quality bar has been raised, so issues would need to be addressed prior to re-affirmation.
        • Austin suggested we may want to identify low quality CDA IG's now so that workgroups could be notified of the future need
      • Can we add: Threat and Opportunity - Trend toward mapping/developing FHIR and CDA interchange guidance simultaneously. Opportunity is to coordinate these efforts for consistency. Threat is decreased interoperability if not many simultaneous efforts produce divergent in inconsistent solutions - YES. Added
      • George asked that we add an Opportunity to create an IG to address the USCDI plans for upcoming data classes - Notes and Data Provenance are up next
      • Austin explained that Affiliates do not need to bring PSSs to HL7. CMG is International + US focused.
    • Asset List - Status, and ongoing management.
      • Linda asked if it was ok to add rows for IG's identified by CQI as missing from the asset list. Answer:Yes!
      • Discuss Status/Development toward CDA Template Interchange Format
      • Discuss Status of CDA Template Registry
      • What actions remain to be completed?
        • Review progress on CMG Wiki changes - what's left to be completed?
    • Discuss need for & Development of overall CDA Product Roadmap
      • Roadmap needs to address questions like:
        • Envisioned "superceeding" of CDA R2.0 with CDA R2.1 what it means to ANSI and HL7 Publishing and Implementer Use
        • Expectation for CDA R2.0 after CDA R2.1 is released?
          • Would we require new IGs to be implemented on CDA R2.1 rather than CDA R2.0?
          • Austin suggested the CMG may need to decide this or decide when this would take place.
          • Austin - actRelationship codes may need to be reconsidered if C-CDA were revised on the CDA R2.1 standard
          • Austin mentioned the modeling of the C-CDA Templates would be needed
          • Brett asked: Will CDA R2.1 include a complete "delta" view that could be included in the published CDA R2.0
        • What happens to C-CDA if CDA R2.0 is superceeded by R2.1?
        • Strategies for aligning C-CDA with FHIR?
    • Discuss Actions to be taken to solidify "check list procedure" for CMG members to use when reviewing PSSs, Document CMG PSS Review process to be followed (Jean)
      • Review minutes from 2018-01-29.
      • Is our plan sufficiently clear and actionable? Do we need to document the procedure(s) we will follow regarding where CMG approval is being injected into the HL7 approval processes?
      • Learned from Anne Wizauer that the CMG is only responsible for approving PSSs and Publishing Requests.
      • In leiu of having a formal check-list, CMG will simply read and review each PSS and PubReq submitted for review
    • Discuss Request to add a new member to CMG representing the Quality perspective (Lisa)
      • We would need to have a discussion with SGB to make this request
      • Does anyone think adding a representative from QRDA would not be a good idea?
      • Austin asked if we have current members who are not participating now?
      • Brett noted the Friday late afternoon time makes the meeting hard to attend for EU participants
      • Lisa asked - how would we ask SGB for this additional role? Austin said we would need to write up the request and submit it to SGB
        • Motion to take this up with SGB (Lisa/George) 0-0-4
    • Discuss C-CDA Value Set Maintenance situation - what role needed from CMG? (Lisa)

Meeting Outcomes

  • Approved the minutes from 1/30/2018
  • Approved the CDA R2.1 Stylesheet Creation PSS
  • Approved the CDA/FHIR HAI PSS with caveat to make transforms between FHIR and CDA publically available when they are developed--goal is transparency for cross-standard transformations
  • Approved making a request of SGB to add a member to the CDA Management Group that represents the Quality Use Case for CDA
Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items

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