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201705 DoF

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Devices on FHIR

Submitting WG/Project/Implementer Group

The Devices on FHIR project managed by the HL7 Health Care Devices WG, in collaboration with IHE, and HIMSS Personal Connected Health Alliance (PCHA).


Two FHIR resources were created to faithfully represent information collected from Point-of-Care devices (PoCD): DeviceComponent & DeviceMetric. These two were updated for STU3 but have never had a successful FHIR Connectathon, and as a result remain at FMM1. The primary objective of this track is to fully test these two resources, in conjunction with Device, Observation and Patient. This may include device-specific profiles and implementation guides for both PoCD and Personal Health Devices (PHD).

Utilization of FDA UDI and production specification information would be an additional objective.

Track Lead

Todd Cooper

  • Email:
  • Zulip: @ToddCooper
  • Skype: ToddCooperAFC

See Connectathon_Track_Lead_Responsibilities

Expected participants

  • Philips
  • PCHA
  • Epic
  • HealthAll
  • Cognitive Medical / HSPC


NOTE: The scenario will build upon the Devices on FHIR / HSPC demo at HIMSS17 where device data sources from home and hospital supplied updates to a cloud-based server that then forwarded the information to a CDS engine as well as flowsheet application (CareWeb based). A stretch goal would be to have a SMART on FHIR app that retrieved the information acquired from the devices, as well as support for the IHE PCD PCIM actors and services.

Healthcare Device

A device sends updates to a FHIR server, utilizing the same containment utilized in V2-equivalent streams (e.g., IHE PCD-01). Devices are both PHD and PoCD, located at home and in a hospital.

CDS Service

The CDS service will consume the device acquired information to determine possible guidance for the patients care.


Retrieve and display (e.g., flow sheet) information acquired from devices


Communicate Device Data

Action: Send information from a Healthcare Device to a FHIR server, using full containment
Precondition: N/A
Success Criteria: Information is STU3 and profile / IG conformant and successfully received by the server.
Bonus point: Support for both ISO/IEEE 11073 and LOINC equivalents.

Trigger Patient Care Notification

Action: The CDS system processes the device-sourced information and notifies the clinician of possible issues and therapy options.
Precondition: N/A
Success Criteria: Clinician is notified by the CDS alert and able to review key device-acquired information (e.g., elevated BP or HR).
Bonus point: N/A

Display Trended Device Data

Action: The EHR retrieves the device-sourced information from the FHIR server and displays it in a flow sheet
Precondition: N/A
Success Criteria: Trended device information viewable in a flow sheet.
Bonus point: Support a SMART on FHIR app to retrieve and display the same information.