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2017-11-03 CDAMG Conference Call

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HL7 CDAMG Minutes


'Date: 2017-11-03
Time: 2:00 PM Eastern
Facilitator Lisa Nelson Note taker(s) Anne Wizauer
Attendee Name

x George Dixon
Jean Duteau
x Rick Geimer
Kai Heitmann
Regrets Brett Marquard
Linda Michaelsen
x Dale Nelson
x Lisa Nelson
x Andrew Statler
x Austin Kreisler (guest)
x Mary Kay McDaniel (guest)

Quorum: TBD


  • Lisa Nelson


  • Action Items
    • All to review risk assessment for next week
    • Brett to dig up SDWG SWOT/ No FHIR SWOT
    • MK to ask Lynn to print out product listing from website, using the filters on the database. Need all the elements/filter fields from the web.
    • MK to check - Published artifacts and the 2nd is CDA related projects, see Dave Hamill
  • Discussion Topics
    • Welcome. Brett is out and so Lisa will be chairing.
    • Review of Asset Inventory available information
    • Identify other Assets to be considered
    • Discussion on what form our asset inventory shall take
  • Parking Lot
    • Cochairs to be selected on 2017-11-10 call.


  • Agenda review
  • Approve Minutes of 2017-10-27_CDAMG_Conference_Call
    • Approved via general consent
  • Action Items
    • Approval of DMP
      • MOTION to approve: Dale/George
      • VOTE: All in favor
  • Discussion Topics
    • Asset Inventory
      • Base standard, IGs and 'families' (QRDA, C-CDA), templates, and value sets. Rick mentions Wiki pages and processes - need to catalog some of those. Will need to divide up between CDAMG and Structured Docs. Catalog of known extensions for CDA R2. Andrew: What about mappings between FHIR and CDA? Group agrees that would be good. Certification/testing tools. Education courses. Schemas and schematrons. Open projects (WIP). Implementation events. Lisa adds assets to list.
    • Reviewed Mary Kay's list of CDA projects that she received from Dave. Should have a list of published standards including Implementation Guides, and then we'll have a list of projects that are in flight. Could link them based upon the type. Lisa notes that the HAI PSS is still open with multiple ballots born from it. Discussion over how to organize it. Discussion over creating inventoried list of templates that are within implementation guides, including document section entries. As we collect this information, is there a way that we can put it in a template registry? Have never really created a template registry but the first step is to gather the information. Once we have it we can figure out how to maintain it and make it searchable; then we can ask WGs to add their information to it.
      • ACTION: Lisa will reach out to Andy in EST regarding previous registry work.
      • ACTION: Anne to add link to excel spreadsheet to wiki
      • ACTION: Anne to check links on DMP and post to website
      • ACTION: Anne to add links to risk documents to other reference resources on wiki
  • Adjourned at 3:00 pm Eastern
  • Parking Lot
    • Cochairs to be selected on 2017-11-10 call.

Meeting Outcomes

Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items

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