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201601 Scheduling

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Submitting WG/Project/Implementer Group

Patient Administration (PA)


This track will extend on the experience that was had at the last connectathon and help improve the experience with these resources, and extend into the Encounter resource.

Proposed Track Lead

Coordinator: Brian Postlethwaite

Expected participants

Brian Postlethwaite - HealthConnex



A Server Role can be either a simple FHIR server that just stores the scheduling resources, or could be smart and perform placing/allocation services on the appointment requests coming in.


A client that creates appointments (as either booked resources, or requests which need a placer to fill)


A placer is a client (or server) that processes appointment requests and allocates either participants, or times to these requests.


If creating a client application, this track should require minimal work in advance of the connectathon, though at least a bit of playing is recommended. If creating a server, advanced preparation will be required, but this scenario should somewhat limit the effort involved.

Specification Page(s): Appointment AppointmentResponse Schedule Slot

The introduction section on the "usual" workflow can be found here:

If you're trying to work out what statuses mean, and what would be expected, there is a summary at the bottom of that same page including a collection of examples Which tie together the 4 resources...

Create Appointment

Action: Create an appointment resource and store on a server (Requester)

This appointment should have a status of proposed or pending, and participant statuses of needs-action

Precondition: None
Success Criteria: Appointment passes validation against the Appointment schema and schematron, and has these statuses set
Bonus point: Define an Appointment with multiple participants
Bonus point: Define an appointment with a Location
Bonus point: Define an Appointment with varied Participant statuses
Bonus point: Define an Appointment against multiple slots

Check Schedule

Test the ability to interrogate a schedule to book an appointment

Action: Query a server for a schedule/slots
Action: Create an appointment against one of the slots returned
Action: Update Slot to mark Status
Precondition: A Server must have a some schedule and slot resources available to search
Success Criteria: The server is able to indicate that the client searched for the content, and created an appointment against one of the slots.
Bonus point: The slot was marked as booked

Process Appointment (Response)

Action: Server recieves an AppointmentResponse resource, and updates the Appointment with details of the participants answer
Precondition: an appointment existed with a participant status of needs-action
Success Criteria: only the participant defined in the appointmentresponse has its status updated as per the response
Bonus point: If all participants in the appointment are now accepted and the appointment was in pending or proposed then the appointment status can be changed to booked.

Cancel Appointment

Action: Mark an appointment with a cancelled status
Precondition: an appointment was present on the server with a booked status
Success Criteria: The history of the appointment will show that it had a booked status, then was changed to a cancelled status
Bonus point: server reject a status change to cancelled if an encounter was created - (if business rules justify this)