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20140508 US Realm TF WGM

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US Realm Task Force Call Agenda/Minutes

Location: TBD

Date: 2014-05-08
Time: 12:30 PM local
Facilitator Ken Note taker(s) Lynn
Attendee Name
Calvin Beebe
x Woody Beeler
x Keith Boone
x Bob Dieterle
Lorraine Constable
Julie Crouse
x John Feikema
x Freida Hall
Ed Hammond
x Tony Julian
x Paul Knapp
x Austin Kreisler,
x Lynn Laakso
x Ken McCaslin
x Riki Merrick
x John Quinn
x Mark Roche
x Atanu Sen
Pat VanDyke
no quorum definition




Convened 1:50 PM by Ken

*Agenda review - add an issue from Keith and the three OO projects sent by Riki yesterday
  • Review notes from 20140429_US_Realm_TF_Call no issues raised
  • US Realm Task Force role in project approval:
    • (Paul and Ken) Affiliate project approval process modifications for US Realm TF offline - how to use the PSS to identify realm/Affiliate review; review an updated presentation from a few years ago from Project Services on managing affiliate projects to include the US Realm Task Force role. Ken has not had time to work on this.
  • Outstanding issues
    • Data Provenance PSS
      • CBCC sponsor, interested parties include ONC Provenance Initiative. Approved by DESD on Monday. Postpone to next Tuesday for review so Johnathan Coleman can present.
      • Disengaged from FHIR development process in the scope to support and consider FHIR development in a previous US Realm TF review.
      • Austin notes the assertion of ONC and HL7 have an MOU in place which may not be the case. Should be reviewed to see if there a joint copyright issue?
    • Structured Data Capture (SDC) PSS
      • Minor change to the 5/7 version discussed. SSD SD is the steering division. OO is primary sponsor. Final version should be out this evening. Mark describes the changes.
      • Resources proposed would be balloted draft for comment; the full FHIR DSTU ballot won't happen until January. WGs are getting their PSSes developed now. Lloyd is the conformance facilitator.
      • Project accepted.
  • Keith addresses an issue in a joint CDS and CQI Meeting today on three different artifacts that have continuations of those projects. What is the guidance on projects that have different components in the ECCF. They may not be on exactly the same topic.
    • Ken notes that if they can all move together on the same timeline they can be included together on a PSS but if timeline dependencies are at risk, then splitting them out is a better idea.
    • Freida notes that parent/child relationships in PSSes are not easily managed. If you have suggestions for PSS help text and guidance please submit them to Project Services WG.
    • Paul recounts these are Project Scope statements not Artifact Scope statements.
  • Riki describes the three projects that used to be all one project that have been split
    • Bob reviews the Functional Requirements for LRI first. They started on this to satisfy a NIST conformance need with CLIA requirements. Its underpinnings are the EHR-S FM. They will build an functional requirements implementation guide based on the functional profile. Freida notes that the lab is not sufficiently represented in the EHR-S FM. They will do the functional profile first and then bring the additional requirements to the EHR-S FM. This implementation guide is a new level of constraint on an EHR-S FP. They have indicated a new product definition on the PSS.
    • The LOI and LRI will both do these processes. From those two sets of requirements they will make an entire lab realm Functional Profile. LRI will go first, then LOI, and then put it all together. Austin thinks the put together version would be better as UV Realm. If the last step is to incorporate into an UV Realm standard for EHR-S FM then they need international participation for that component. Lab (overarching project) changed to UV Realm.
  • With that change the projects are accepted and can go to their Steering Division.

Adjourned 1:36 PM

Meeting Outcomes

Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items

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