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20130116 SAIF AP Meeting

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HL7 SAIF Architecture Program – 2013-01-16 Meeting

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Meeting Logistics

  • Dates: Wednesday Q4 of the Working Group Meeting
  • Time: 15:30 - 17:00 Pacific Time

Q4 Agenda for SAIF Architecture Program

  1. Role Call
  2. Agenda Review
  3. Brief (1-2 minutes) SAIF AP Project Status Updates (progress made and next steps)
    1. Pjt 807 - Preparation of SAIF Book for Informative Ballot (ArB)
    2. Pjt 763 - SAIF Implementation Guide and SAIF Artifact Definition (MnM)
    3. Pjt 764 - SAIF Pilot Coordination Project (Pjt Services)
    4. Pjt 226 - Risk Assessment Framework Cookbook (Security)
    5. Pjt 477 - CDA R3 (Struc Docs)
    6. Pjt 38 - Composite Order (OO)
    7. Pjt 587 - Lab Order Template (OO)
    8. Pjt 619 - HL7 Transmission Wrappers R1.1 Batch Messaging (InM)
    9. Pjt 688 - EHR System Function and Information Model (EHR-S FIM) (EHR)
    10. Pjt 551 - EHR System Functional Model Release 2.0 (ISO Project) (EHR)
    11. Pjt 863 - Cross-Paradigm Interoperability Implementation Guide for Immunizations project (“X Paradigm”) (SOA)
  4. SAIF AP vs. Version 3 Product Family/Product Line
    1. Can we accelerate the SAIF IG without funding?
    2. If we move forward with a V3 Product Line/Product Family, is the SAIF AP actually about managing V3 based upon SAIF principles
    3. Is the SAIF IG really about how SAIF is applied to V3
  5. Housekeeping - Call schedule
    1. Continue calls biweekly on Tuesdays at 12pm or change?
    2. Next call would normally be January 22; should we move the call schedule to have the next call on January 29 or February 5?
    3. Next WGM Needs

Link to the Complete List of Action Items/Issues/Risks (GForge)

Meeting Attendees

X=Present on Call

Facilitator Austin Kreisler Note taker(s) David Hamill
Attendee Name Affiliation
X Austin Kreisler TSC Chair
X David Hamill HL7 HQ / Program Manager
X Jane Curry Tooling
Charlie Mead ArB
X John Quinn HL7 CTO
Lloyd McKenzie MnM Work Group / SAIF Implementation Guide Pjt
X Lorraine Constable Composite Order Pjt / OO Behavioral Framework Pjt
Patrick Loyd OO Work Group / Composite Order Pjt
X Rick Haddorff Project Services WG / SAIF Pilot Coordination Pjt
Steve Hufnagel ArB / SAIF Book Project / SOA
Freida Hall Project Services WG
X Alean Kirnak Cross Paradigm Project
X Andy Bond ArB
X Woody Beeler MnM
X Zoran Mislovich ArB
X Ron Parker ArB
X Abdul Malik Shakir MnM / Artifact Definition Project
X Mark Shafarman Tooling
X Bo Dagnall ArB
X Jean Duteau MnM
Jesal Panchal eHealth Ontario
Quorum Requirements Met: Yes


Pjt 807 - Preparation of SAIF Book for Informative Ballot (ArB) (RParker)

  • This went through a DSTU ballot recently.
  • Next steps is to publish some things to support the use of SAIF.

Pjt 763 - SAIF Implementation Guide and SAIF Artifact Definition (MnM) (AbdulMalik Shakir (AMS))

  • AMS showed the Artifact Names. They are all V3 as V2 is not scoped out yet. They cross product lines and product families; all the definitions are being done on the Wiki
  • 17 artifact definitions have commitments from people to write. 7 of those are complete; 5 have not started; 5 are work in progress. Of the complete ones, AMS has reviewed them all.
  • From the review, AMS has learned what needs areas need to be filled in and what doesn’t, therefore, the definitions that haven’t started should go quicker.
  • A role AMS would like is to be an ‘editor’ so that they read the ‘same way’. They are written very different because each has a different author. Hence AMS’ role as editor could bring forth some consistency.
  • MnM has not had separate calls for the artifact definition effort, but MnM’s Friday meeting in Phoenix may identify which calls will focus on Artifact Definition
  • Some inconsistencies that AMS found were:
    • The target audience isn’t consistent. Some use a Business Analyst, some use a developer.
    • Austin: Some of the BAM work may address this type of thing.
  • AMS: Noted that the Artifact Definition project will ‘never be done’ as there will always be new products that need definitions.
  • As part of the BAM discussions, the Artifact Definition can be reused by FHIR and other products

Pjt 764 - SAIF Pilot Coordination Project (Pjt Services) (RHaddorff)

  • No updates given as not much progress has been made on other projects that will need coordinating

Pjt 477 - CDA R3 (Struc Docs) (AKreisler)

  • Considering comments from their Draft for Comment ballot last year.
  • It’s been a slow process due to time commitments from the participants.
  • Made the decision to not rush thru the comment considerations.
  • Plan on bringing it to ballot in the 2013.

Pjt 38 - Composite Order (OO) (LConstable)

  • On Hold as OO focuses on the Lab Order Template.

Pjt 587 - Lab Order Template (OO) (LConstable)

  • Considering comments from their ballot last year.
  • Austin: SAIF AP is interested in the comments regarding behavior modeling.
  • One challenge was that they exported DAM info into one PDF, some of the larger diagrams are difficult to view. However, Jean Duteau had multiple PDFs for a DAM and got comments that they’d like it in one PDF. So both ways have some challenges
  • Over the past few months, it was discussed that a Lessons Learned would come out sometime between now and May WGM. Rick Haddorff is assisting with this effort. They are still on target for completing this, but need to work around the upcoming ballot deadlines.

Pjt 863 - Cross-Paradigm Interoperability Implementation Guide for Immunizations project (“X Paradigm”) (SOA) (AKirnak)

  • Had a document out for ballot in the last cycle; focused heavily on the Information Model.
  • Mapped data elements; using OMG driven MDMI to map. A result was to take a proposal to IHE. That got rid of one paradigm.
  • Looking for something similar for the Behavioral Model mapping but have not found something like MDMI yet.

SAIF AP vs. Version 3 Product Family/Product Line (AKreisler)

  • A large effort has been going on to disambiguate SAIF AP from the SAIF Product Line Architecture
  • The Cross Paradigm project is kind of a Product Line definition as it’s stringing together a series of products. It gives context and use to particular products. This project is kind of defining a methodology for fleshing out how to define a product.
  • Can we accelerate the SAIF IG without funding?
  • How do we insure Product Lines/Product Family development moves forward via the SAIF IG / Artifact Definition / SAIF AP work given a lack of funding and lack of volunteer bandwidth?
  • AMS asked perhaps we need to identify the group that has interest in getting this work done? NCI was originally the driver, but they aren’t anymore.
  • RParker: Perhaps the SAIF AP should be marketed publicly to get interest from non-traditional HL7 people. There may be people out there that are interested but aren’t currently part of HL7.
  • AMS: Perhaps we need to work ‘smarter’ by dividing up the work in smaller partitions. Identify discreet things that can be done by the next WGM.
  • RHaddorff: Perhaps map what’s been completed and map to the ECCF specification list. This was one of the deliverables in the SAIF Pilot Coordination project.

Next Steps

  • RParker: As the BAM progresses, he’d like to have a better picture of the relationships between the moving parts. Perhaps we need to replan / realign.
  • RParker: Perhaps a webcast/call instead of waiting until the WGM. Late February or early March for this call to occur (after HIMSS and Harmonization)
  • LConstable: A touch point alignment session may be needed. This probably can’t be done until the BAM matures a bit.
  • JCurry: Would like to stop and celebrate the progress; perhaps something like a newsletter article.

Upcoming Calls: One planning call prior to the Vitality Call; remove the recurring calls

Adjourned 17:00 PM Mountain Time

New Action Items

Austin to publish an article in the next newsletter; Ron and Rick will assist Austin with this article
Austin and Dave to facilitate the call with a goal to ‘replan, reassess the program’ (a vitality assessment of the program). Target 3rd week of March
Dave to cancel calls, and plan a late February call to prep for the Vitality Call.
Dave to request WGM meeting room space for the May 2013 WGM