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20120118 SAIF AP Meeting

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SAIF Architecture Program – 2012-01-18 Meeting at the 2012 Jan WGM Weds Q4 in San Antonio

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=== Agenda === (Wed 3:30-5, Regency East #2)

  1. FHIR (ITS 3YP item #823) (Grahame Grieve)
  2. Brief (1-2 minutes) SAIF AP Project Status Updates (progress made and next steps)
    1. These are the projects we got updates from in San Diego
      1. Preparation of SAIF Book for Informative Ballot (ArB)
      2. SAIF Implementation Guide (MnM)
      3. SAIF Artifact Definition (MnM)
      4. HL7 Product Quality Plan (Quality Dashboard) (TSC/Publishing)
      5. SAIF Pilot Coordination Project (Pjt Services)
      6. Risk Assessment Framework Cookbook (Security)
      7. CDA R3 (Struc Docs)
      8. Composite Order (OO)
      9. Lab Order Template (OO)
      10. Behavioral Framework (OO)
      11. Wrappers requirements determination (InM)
      12. HL7 Transmission Wrappers R1.1 Batch Messaging (InM)
    2. These are new SAIF AP Projects since San Diego
      1. Risk Assessment and Governance for SAIF Architecture Program (TSC)
      2. Immunization IG project (still going through the approval process as of December, 2011) (SOA/PHER)
      3. EHR System Function and Information Model (EHR-S FIM)
  3. If strategic resources (i.e. get funding for resources) could be applied to the SAIF IG projects, what could be done to break the log jam on the projects (e.g. get the projects moving).
  4. Housekeeping
    1. January 24 call -- keep or cancel?
    2. Continue calls on Tuesdays at 12pm or change?
    3. Next WGM Needs
    4. Any upcoming vacation schedules/impacts to upcoming calls

Meeting Attendees

X=Present on Call

Facilitator Austin Kreisler Note taker(s) David Hamill
Attendee Name Affiliation
X Austin Kreisler TSC Chair
X Brian Pech Observing
X Dave Shaver InM
X Ann Wrightson Observing/HL7 UK
X David Hamill HL7 HQ / Program Manager
X Jane Curry Tooling/ArB
X Grahame Grieve FHIR
X Erin Holt PHER
X Lloyd McKenzie MnM Work Group / SAIF Implementation Guide Pjt
X Lorraine Constable Composite Order Pjt \ OO Behavioral Framework Pjt
X Patrick Loyd OO Work Group / Composite Order Pjt
X Rick Haddorff Project Services WG / SAIF Pilot Coordination Pjt
X Michael Flynn PHER
X Stuart Myerburg PHER
X Bo Dagnall ArB
X Andy Bond ArB
X Pat Van Dyke EHR WG
X Steve Hufnagel ArB / SAIF Book Project / SOA
X Philip Wolford ITS
X Tony Julian ArB
X Ron Parker ArB
X Mark Shafarman Project Services WG
X Dale Nelson
X Masharu Obayashi HL7 Japan
X Alean Kirnak Immunization IG Project
X Ioana Singureanu Project Services WG
Quorum Requirements Met: Yes


FHIR (ITS 3YP item #83) (Grahame Grieve) Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (formerly RFH)

  • Re: RFH project is #809, and a Project Scope Statement has been created for this project.
  • There is also project #823, which is a 3-Year Plan item
  • Artifacts are still mapped to the RIM
  • Additional information is posted on Graham’s website at:
  • There is a test server that is live, and will begin testing interoperability
  • Will conduct SAIF Mapping
  • A governance committee is forming and FHIR will utilize that.
  • Grahame owns the IP for FHIR, and would like to make it public via HL7 in the coming weeks.
  • Is it intended and suitable for a mapping HL7 and non-HL7 artifacts?
  • Grahame: Yes, that is his intention.
  • The plan is to assemble the team members, and march towards balloting starting in Vancouver.
  • The team did not definitely decide to add the project under the SAIF AP umbrella. This may occur in the future.

Preparation of SAIF Book for Informative Ballot (ArB) - Ron Parker

  • Ron: SAIF CD is now in DSTU. Work continues on the Glossary
  • ArB work shifts to a helping role. With this, a SAIF Facilitator role may be created that is similar to the MNM Facilitator role.

SAIF Implementation Guide (MnM) and SAIF Artifact Definition (MnM) - Lloyd McKenzie

  • Lloyd: No progress since the last WGM (Sept 2011 in Orlando) as his time has been spent on dayjob responsibilities, V3 Generator and FHIR.
  • Austin is thinking of having an Out of Cycle meeting to get everyone in the room to write Artifact Definition.
  • Patrick: Perhaps show up a couple of days prior to a WGM to do this work.
  • Austin: Should SAIF APs focus turn to FHIR.
  • Steve Hufnagel: Is it possible to put out sample Artifact Definitions, that would perhaps be just a few sentences and a picture as opposed to the entire Definition?

HL7 Product Quality Plan (Quality Dashboard) (TSC/Publishing)

  • No update provided

SAIF Pilot Coordination Project (Pjt Services) - Rick Haddorff

  • Rick: Keeping track of all the dependancies. Looking into using a CMAP tool to diagram them.
  • Rick will work with each of the SMEs for the projects. He should be able to send out a diagram to the SAIF listserv soon.

Risk Assessment Framework Cookbook (Security)

  • No update provided

CDA R3 (Struc Docs) - Austin Kreisler

  • Austin: Discussions have been ongoing whether to do CDA R3 or a Release 2.1
  • CDA R3 may be under FHIR, so discussions have focused on which direction this is headed.

Composite Order (OO) / Lab Order Template (OO) / Behavioral Framework (OO) - Patrick Loyd

  • Patrick: Composite Order is moving along well
  • Lab Order is moving along
  • Behavioral Framework has been stagnant; but plan on branching out and make progress in the next 3 months.
  • Patrick would like to do a Birds of a Feather for people using Enterprise Architect in Vancouver
  • Patrick expects the need to touch base with E.H.R. sometime near Vancouver, maybe before, maybe after.

Wrappers requirements determination (InM) / HL7 Transmission Wrappers R1.1 Batch Messaging (InM) - Patrick Loyd

  • Patrick: Stuck as they are waiting on the Artifact Definition project or another MnM project, specifically the Schemas, MIFs, etc.
  • Lloyd: Questioned why these projects are dependant upon the Artifact Definition project. He thinks it’s dependant upon artifact definitions that come out of the Behavioral Framework project.
  • Patrick: Probably dependant upon both MnM Artifact Definition and Behavioral Framework.
  • Jane: Is SOA needed for the work? Patrick said yes, they are needed.

Risk Assessment and Governance for SAIF Architecture Program (TSC) - Jane Curry

  • Jane: This project is slightly related to the Security Cookbook project.
  • Determine what your critical success factors. Then identify the Risks to achieve those, and mitigation strategies.
  • Jane still has some work to do to work all of the above out. Her work led her to the Strategic Initiatives and insure her work supports those. Discussion regarding this began with the TSC here in San Antonio, but they still have some work to do.

Immunization IG project (still going through the approval process as of December, 2011) (SOA/PHER) - Alean Kirnak

  • Alean: Has gathered WG and SD approval. Official title is Cross-Paradigm Interoperability IG for Immunization.
  • Jane suggested Alean look at the constraining profiles and conformance statements in the SAIF CD.

EHR System Function and Information Model (EHR-S FIM) - Pat Van Dyke/Steve Hufnagel

  • Pat Van Dyke and Steve Hufnagel have been working on a year on this project. Steve has been developing this with SAIF in mind.
  • Functional Profile has some constraints.
  • Functional Model is not the same as a Functional Profile

If strategic resources (i.e. get funding for resources) could be applied to the SAIF IG projects, what could be done to break the log jam on the projects (e.g. get the projects moving).

  • The discussions regarding the project updates have touched on this topic
  • Realistically, procuring this resource probably won’t occur until summer.


  • Cancel Jan 24 call. The next call is TBD based on Dave and Tony Julian deciding how to remove the conflict with the FTSD call.
  • Adjourned 5:00 PM Central Time

New Action Items

Austin / Grahame – Arrange a call to continue FHIR communication
Grahame – Email the blogpost URL to the listserv UL
Dave – Add the URL from Austin to the Meeting Minutes - DONE
Dave – Ask Alean to email him the IG for Immunization. - DONE
Dave/Tony Julian – FTSD calls conflict with SAIF AP. Work with Tony to have them on opposite weeks. - DONE
Dave – Submit Q4 Wednesday request for May2012 WGM - Vancouver - DONE