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Draft Storyboards

C. Two Way Communication Storyboards

The storyboards presented in this section related to the two-way communication between Regulatory Authority and Regulated Industry.

C.1 Send Correspondence

The note in C2 section seems to be valid in geenral. The recommendation is to move up the sentence.

The description of example 1 should clearly state that no status change of the regulated activity will be associated with this request in opposite to example 2. Otherwise a differentiation is not needed.

Example 4 is the only one for the pair of RI to RA. Are other examples already covered by RPS R1?

C.2 Send a Response to Correspondence

D. Referencing


E. Extending Information about in a Submission Unit

E.1 Additional Information about a Submission Unit

Similar additional information will be needed in case of example 3 and 4 as well.

The type of contact needs to be a restricted list of standard types of contact as of project team leader / project manager; technical support; Head of unit/division/Organisation.

the same is true for the submission unit type. this list will be longer, but it must be a catalogue as well.