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Service Functional Model (SFM)

We are developing the Service Functional Model (SFM) text on Wiki pages. Most items are ready for review "now" as shown below. We update this list within minutes of having new info for it.

  • Most items are frozen now as shown below. If you have suggested edits for important wordsmithing then please email to or call at (919) 757 2329 on Saturday, today)
  • On Saturday 3/16 we wish to receive only wordsmithing suggestions and only by email to both of us (the wiki posts will be obsolete)
  • On Sunday we will submit it.

How to Help If your edits are wordsmithing, then please feel free to edit directly, but if you would like changes to content, please send your thoughts to Jon Farmer <> or Enrique Meneses <>. For each item see the initials to know to whom you should send edits (if not editing directly).

Status: Ballot for comments submitted (March 17th, 2013)

Items written and posted ready now for your review!

In progress:

  • EM - Functional profile mapping
  • EM - Collaboration of capabilities

Issues to resolve: