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Business names allow for one or more domain-specific and/or language-specific labels to be assigned to an element in additional to its formal HL7 English RIM-speak name. E.g. Even in English, the HL7 term "SubstanceAdministrationRequest" might be known as "Prescription", "Med Order" or "Script" depending on the jurisdiction and context.

To ensure interoperability, it's essential that the names of common elements not vary across languages and common business terms. However, being able to include a language-specific or common business term as a supplement aids in understanding.

Requirement Business labels must identify the language and context (or contexts) they apply to
Rationale In some cases multiple business names may be present on a particular element. When publishing an artifact for a particular language group or business context, you want to use the labels most appropriate for that language or context.
  • mif-core-base.xsd/BusinessName/realmNamespace/value
  • mif-core-base.xsd/BusinessName/@lang
MIF Issue

mif-vocabulary-model.xsd/ConceptDomain: We don't presently maintain business names at the UV level, though at least one realm assigns them before publishing

OMG Mapping Add Stereotype Elements to capture information and maintain relationships