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RM-ODP viewpoints-SAIF

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RM-ODP viewpoints

RM-ODP viewpoints - A viewpoint (on a system) is an abstraction that yields a specification of the whole system related to a particular set of concerns. The five RM-ODP viewpoints cover all the domains of architectural design: 1) The enterprise viewpoint, which is concerned with the purpose, scope and policies governing the activities of the specified system within the organization of which it is a part. 2) The information viewpoint, which is concerned with the kinds of information handled by the system and constraints on the use and interpretation of that information. 3) The computational viewpoint, which is concerned with the functional decomposition of the system into a set of objects that interact at interfaces - enabling system distribution. 4) The engineering viewpoint, which is concerned with the infrastructure required to support system distribution. 5) The technology viewpoint, which is concerned with the choice of technology to support system distribution. For each viewpoint, there is an associated viewpoint language that can be used to express a specification of the system from that viewpoint. The object modeling concepts give a common basis for the viewpoint languages and make it possible to identify relationships between the different viewpoint specifications and to assert correspondences between the representations of the system in different viewpoints.

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