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RIMBAA 201301 Agenda

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This is the RIMBAA agenda for the January 2013 WGM in Phoenix, USA

Monday Q3 (RIMBAA) - PIMA (Hohokam Ballroom)

  1. Administrative items (max 30 minutes)
    • Approval of March RIMBAA out of cycle meeting
      • Proposed site: Mohawk College, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
      • Date: March 25 and 26, 2013
  2. Everest 1.2 features (Justin Fyfe, Mohawk college)
    • The Mohawk team will be updating the RIMBAA group with some useful new features of the upcoming Everest 1.2 release including
      1. mobile v3 messaging - the Everest framework has been ported to the Windows Phone 7/8, Windows RT and Silverlight platforms. This allows mobile devices and Silverlight applications to generate/consume HL7v3 and CDA structures.
      2. a cross-platform implementation of the framework - the long awaited Java version of Everest named jEverest will become available Q1 2013.

Tuesday Q6 (Tooling / RIMBAA) - Hopi

  • Joint meeting with Tooling, hosted by Tooling
  • Main topic: tooling demo

Thursday Q1 (RIMBAA) - Sunset

  1. ItalTBS - Notes on the renewal process for RIM based Tools

Thursday Q3 (Tooling / RIMBAA) PIMA (Hohokam Ballroom)