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Care Provision Artefact Registry

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This is the Care Provision Artifact Identifier Registry.

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  • REPC_DM000000: Care Provision


DOPC_ST000030 Care Record Primary Care Physician Interacts With An Immunization Registry

DOPC_ST000031 Overview Introduction

DOPC_ST000032 Care Transfer Multidisciplinary Care

DOPC_ST000033 Care Record Patient Populates Personal Health Record

DOPC_ST000034 Care Record Primary Physician Refers To Specialist

DOPC_ST000035 Care Transfer Request Aged Care Service

REPC_ST002001 Care Record Emergency Encounter

REPC_ST002002 Care Record Hospital Discharge Summary

REPC_ST002003 Care Record Ongoing Specialist Care Provision

REPC_ST002004 Care Record Separation of Care

REPC_ST002005 Care Record Care Provision Handover Of Care

REPC_ST002006 Care Record Activate Mandatory Care

REPC_ST002201 Query Care Record Aged Care Assessment

REPC_ST002202 Query Care Record Patient Populates Personal Health Record

REPC_ST004001 Care Transfer Completed Specialty Care

REPC_ST004002 Care Transfer Surgical Referral

REPC_ST004003 Care Transfer Multidisciplinary Care Provision

REPC_ST004004 Care Transfer Request Medication Chart Review

REPC_ST004005 Care Transfer Request Aged Care Service

REPC_ST004006 Care Transfer Request Aged Care Service (lite)

REPC_ST004007 Care Transfer Request Pastoral Care

REPC_ST004008 Care Transfer Changes In Ongoing Services

REPC_ST004201 Query Care Transfer Requests

REPC_ST005001 Communicate a person's CDM data

REPC_ST005002 Ongoing CDM data exchange

REPC_ST005003 Retrieve a person's CDM data

REPC_ST006000 Physician Adds Allergy Information

REPC_ST006001 Physician Updates Allergy Information

REPC_ST006002 Physician Reviews Verifies Allergy Information

REPC_ST006003 Physician Clarifies Allergy Information

REPC_ST006004 Physician Annotates Allergy

REPC_ST006006 Patient Report Food Allergy

REPC_ST006007 Physician Enters Suspect Environmental Allergy

REPC_ST006008 Physician Notes Severe Intolerance

Application Roles

Note: using names from different STF columns:

      Application Role Title Name
      Application Role Structured Sort Name
  • REPC_AR000001CA: CDM Record Information Provider
  • REPC_AR000002CA: CDM Record Information Recipient
  • REPC_AR000003CA: CDM Record Information Questioner
  • REPC_AR000004CA: CDM Record Information Repository
  • REPC_AR000005: Health Condition Repository
  • REPC_AR000006: Health Condition Entry System
  • REPC_AR000007: Health Condition Querying System
  • REPC_AR000008: Allergies & Intolerance Manager
  • REPC_AR000009: Allergies & Intolerance Informer
  • REPC_AR000010: Allergies & Intolerance Information Solicitor
  • REPC_AR000011: Adverse Reaction Reportable Observation Event Tracker
  • REPC_AR000012: Adverse Reaction Manager
  • REPC_AR000013: Adverse Reaction Informer
  • REPC_AR000014: Adverse Reaction Information Solicitor
  • REPC_AR000015: Cognitive Professional Service Entry System
  • REPC_AR000016: Cognitive Professional Service EHR Respository
  • REPC_AR000017: Cognitive Professional Service Querying System
  • REPC_AR000018: Measured Observation Entry System
  • REPC_AR000019: Measured Observation EHR Repository
  • REPC_AR000020: Measured Observation Querying System
  • REPC_AR000021: Coded Observation Entry System
  • REPC_AR000022: Coded Observation EHR Repository
  • REPC_AR000023: Coded Observation Querying System
  • REPC_AR000024: Physical Professional Service Entry System
  • REPC_AR000025: Physical Professional Service EHR Respository
  • REPC_AR000026: Physical Professional Service Querying System
  • REPC_AR000027: Care Composition Repository
  • REPC_AR000028: Care Composition Entry System
  • REPC_AR000029: Care Composition Querying System
  • REPC_AR000030: Referral Entry System
  • REPC_AR000031: Referral Querying System
  • REPC_AR000032: Referral Respository
  • REPC_AR000033: Discharge/care Summary Entry System
  • REPC_AR000034: Discharge/care Summary Querying System
  • REPC_AR000035: Discharge/care Summary Respository
  • REPC_AR000036: Clinical note Entry System
  • REPC_AR000037: Clinical note Querying System
  • REPC_AR000038: Clinical note Respository
  • REPC_AR000039 Clinical Summary/Profile Querying System
  • REPC_AR000040 Clinical Summary/Profile Respository
  • REPC_AR002020: Care Transfer Tracker
  • REPC_AR002030: Care Transfer Placer
  • REPC_AR002031: [DEPRECATED] Care Provision Request Placer Community Based Health
  • REPC_AR002032: Care Provision Request Placer
  • REPC_AR002040: Care Transfer Fulfiller
  • REPC_AR002041: [DEPRECATED] Care Provision Request Fulfiller Community Based Health
  • REPC_AR002042: Care Provision Request Fulfiller
  • REPC_AR004010: Care Record Informer
  • REPC_AR004020: Care Record Tracker
  • QUPC_AR004030: Care Record Event Query Placer
  • QUPC_AR004040: Care Record Event Query Fulfiller


Trigger Events


  • REPC_TE002020: [DEPRECATED] Care Provision Request Create, Fulfillment Request
  • REPC_TE002040: [DEPRECATED] Care Provision Request Create, Rejection
  • REPC_TE002100: Care Transfer Request Activate
  • REPC_TE002040: Care Transfer Request, Rejection
  • REPC_TE002200: Care Transfer Request Revise
  • REPC_TE002240: [DEPRECATED] Care Transfer Request Revise, Rejection
  • REPC_TE002600: Care Transfer Request Abort
  • REPC_TE002700: Care Provision Request


  • REPC_TE003030: Care Transfer Promise Notification (Notify Care Transfer Promise) - Any state
  • REPC_TE003130: Care Transfer Promise Activate, Confirmation (Care Transfer Promise) transition
  • REPC_TE003230: [DEPRECATED] Care Transfer Promise Revise, Confirmation
  • REPC_TE003630: [DEPRECATED] Care Transfer Promise Abort, Confirmation


  • REPC_TE000001: AllergyIntolerance Event Activate Request
  • REPC_TE000002: AllergyIntolerance Event Activate
  • REPC_TE000003: AllergyIntolerance Event Activate Rejection
  • REPC_TE000004: Adverse Reaction Event Query
  • REPC_TE000005: Adverse Reaction Event Query Response
  • REPC_TE000006: AllergyIntolerance Event Query
  • REPC_TE000007: AllergyIntolerance Event Query Response
  • REPC_TE000008: AllergyIntolerance Event With History Query
  • REPC_TE000009: AllergyIntolerance Event With History Query Response
  • REPC_TE000014: Adverse Reaction Event Complete Request
  • REPC_TE000015: Adverse Reaction Event Complete
  • REPC_TE000016: Adverse Reaction Event Complete Rejection
  • REPC_TE000020: Adverse Reaction Event Revise Request
  • REPC_TE000021: Adverse Reaction Event Revise
  • REPC_TE000022: Adverse Reaction Event Revise Rejection
  • REPC_TE000023: AllergyIntolerance Event Revise Request
  • REPC_TE000024: AllergyIntolerance Event Revise
  • REPC_TE000025: AllergyIntolerance Event Revise Rejection
  • REPC_TE000029: Adverse Reaction Event Nullify
  • REPC_TE000030: AllergyIntolerance Event Nullify
  • REPC_TE000010UV REPC_TE000010UV Patient health condition summaries requested
  • REPC_TE000011UV REPC_TE000011UV Patient health cond. summaries request received
  • REPC_TE000012UV REPC_TE000012UV Patient health condition details requested
  • REPC_TE000013UV REPC_TE000013UV Patient health condition details received
  • REPC_TE000017UV REPC_TE000017UV Request to record health condition
  • REPC_TE000018UV REPC_TE000018UV Patient health condition recorded
  • REPC_TE000019UV REPC_TE000019UV Decision to not record patient health condition
  • REPC_TE000026UV REPC_TE000026UV Request to record change to patient health cond.
  • REPC_TE000027UV REPC_TE000027UV Patent health condition updated
  • REPC_TE000028UV REPC_TE000028UV Decision to not record health condition change
  • REPC_TE000041UV REPC_TE000041UV Patient cognitive services requested
  • REPC_TE000042UV REPC_TE000042UV Request for patient cognitive services received
  • REPC_TE000043UV REPC_TE000043UV Request to record cognitive service
  • REPC_TE000044UV REPC_TE000044UV Cognitive service recorded
  • REPC_TE000045UV REPC_TE000045UV Decision to reject recording cognitive service
  • REPC_TE000051UV REPC_TE000051UV Request to record measured observation
  • REPC_TE000052UV REPC_TE000052UV Measured observation recorded in patient record
  • REPC_TE000053UV REPC_TE000053UV Decision not to record measured observation
  • REPC_TE000054UV REPC_TE000054UV Patient measured observation info. requested
  • REPC_TE000055UV REPC_TE000055UV Request for pt. measured observ. info. received
  • REPC_TE000057UV REPC_TE000057UV Request to record coded observation
  • REPC_TE000058UV REPC_TE000058UV Coded observation recorded in patient record
  • REPC_TE000059UV REPC_TE000059UV Decision not to record coded observation
  • REPC_TE000060UV REPC_TE000060UV Patient coded observation info. requested
  • REPC_TE000061UV REPC_TE000061UV Request for pt. coded observation info. received
  • REPC_TE000062UV REPC_TE000062UV Request to record surgical / physical service
  • REPC_TE000063UV REPC_TE000063UV Surgical / physical service recorded
  • REPC_TE000064UV REPC_TE000064UV Decision to reject recording surg. / phy. service
  • REPC_TE000065UV REPC_TE000065UV Patient surg. / phy. services requested
  • REPC_TE000066UV REPC_TE000066UV Request for patient surg. / phy. services received
  • REPC_TE000067UV REPC_TE000067UV Request to record care composition
  • REPC_TE000068UV REPC_TE000068UV Care composition recorded
  • REPC_TE000069UV REPC_TE000069UV Decision to reject recording care composition
  • REPC_TE000070UV REPC_TE000070UV Request to record change to care composition
  • REPC_TE000071UV REPC_TE000071UV Care composition updated
  • REPC_TE000072UV REPC_TE000072UV Decision to not record care composition change
  • REPC_TE000073UV REPC_TE000073UV Request to record referral
  • REPC_TE000074UV REPC_TE000074UV Referral recorded
  • REPC_TE000075UV REPC_TE000075UV Decision to not record referral
  • REPC_TE000076UV REPC_TE000076UV Request to record discharge / care summary
  • REPC_TE000077UV REPC_TE000077UV Discharge / care summary recorded
  • REPC_TE000078UV REPC_TE000078UV Decision not to record discharge / care summary
  • REPC_TE000079UV REPC_TE000079UV Request to record clinical note observation
  • REPC_TE000080UV REPC_TE000080UV Clinical note observation recorded
  • REPC_TE000081UV REPC_TE000081UV Decision not to record clinical note observation
  • REPC_TE000084UV REPC_TE000084UV Patient referral summaries requested
  • REPC_TE000085UV REPC_TE000085UV Patient referral summaries received
  • REPC_TE000086UV REPC_TE000086UV Patient discharge / care summaries requested
  • REPC_TE000087UV REPC_TE000087UV Patient discharge / care summaries received
  • REPC_TE000088UV REPC_TE000088UV Patient clinical note obs. summaries requested
  • REPC_TE000089UV REPC_TE000089UV Patient clinical note obs summaries received
  • REPC_TE000090UV REPC_TE000090UV Patient referral details requested
  • REPC_TE000091UV REPC_TE000091UV Patient referral details received
  • REPC_TE000092UV REPC_TE000092UV Patient discharge / care summary details requested
  • REPC_TE000093UV REPC_TE000093UV Patient discharge / care summary details received
  • REPC_TE000094UV REPC_TE000094UV Patient clinical note details requested
  • REPC_TE000095UV REPC_TE000095UV Patient clinical note details received
  • REPC_TE000096UV REPC_TE000096UV Cross domain information requested
  • REPC_TE000097UV REPC_TE000097UV Cross domain information received
  • REPC_TE000098: Care Provision Confirmed
  • REPC_TE000099: Care Provision Rejected
  • REPC_TE004110: Care Record Event Activate
  • REPC_TE004210: Care Record Event Revise
  • REPC_TE004310: Care Record Event Suspend
  • REPC_TE004410: Care Record Event Complete
  • REPC_TE004510: Care Record Event Resume
  • REPC_TE004810: Care Record Event Nullify


  • QUPC_TE040100: Care Record Event Get Query
  • QUPC_TE040200: Care Record Event Get Query Response
  • QUPC_TE041100: Care Record Event Find Candidate Query
  • QUPC_TE041200: Care Record Event Find Candidate Query Response
  • QUPC_TE043100: Care Record Event Profile Query
  • QUPC_TE043200: Care Record Event Profile Query Response
  • REPC_TE041100UV QUPC_TE041100UV Patient care composition summaries requested
  • REPC_TE041200UV QUPC_TE041200UV Request for care composition summaries received
  • REPC_TE040100UV QUPC_TE040100UV Patient care composition details requested
  • REPC_TE040200UV QUPC_TE040200UV Request for care composition details received



  • REPC_IN002110: Care Transfer Request Activate (Notify Care Transfer Request)
  • REPC_IN002120: Care Transfer Request Activate, Fulfillment Request (Care Transfer Request)
  • REPC_IN002125: [DEPRECATED] Care Transfer Request Activate, Fulfillment Request (Assumed Care Transfer - no receivier responsibilities)
  • REPC_IN002040: Care Transfer Request Rejection
  • REPC_IN002210: Care Transfer Request Revise (Notify Revise Care Transfer Request)
  • REPC_IN002220: Care Transfer Request Revise, Fulfillment Request (Revise Care Transfer Request)
  • REPC_IN002610: Care Provision Request Abort (Notify Abort Care Transfer Request) -> REPC_MT002600
  • REPC_IN002620: Care Provision Request Abort, Fulfillment Request (Abort Care Transfer Request) -> REPC_MT002600
  • REPC_IN002130: Care Plan Request Activate, Fulfillment Request (Care Plan Request)
  • REPC_IN002140: Revise Care Plan Request
  • REPC_IN002150: Abort Care Plan Request


  • REPC_IN003010: Care Transfer Promise (Notify Care Transfer Promise)
  • REPC_IN003130: Care Transfer Promise Activate, Confirmation
  • REPC_IN003230: [DEPRECATED] Care Transfer Promise Revise, Confirmation
  • REPC_IN003630: [DEPRECATED] Care Transfer Promise Abort, Confirmation
  • REPC_IN003930: Care Transfer Promise Obsolete Confirmation Replace
  • REPC_IN000099: Care Plan Promise
  • REPC_IN000101: Replace Care Plan Promise
  • REPC_IN000103: Abort Care Plan Promise


  • REPC_IN000004: Adverse Reaction Event Complete Request
  • REPC_IN000005: Adverse Reaction Event Complete Confirmation
  • REPC_IN000006: Adverse Reaction Event Complete Rejection
  • REPC_IN000007: Adverse Reaction Event Revise Notification
  • REPC_IN000008: Adverse Reaction Event Revise Request
  • REPC_IN000009: Adverse Reaction Event Revise Confirmation
  • REPC_IN000010: Adverse Reaction Event Revise Rejection
  • REPC_IN000011: AllergyIntolerance Event Activate Notification
  • REPC_IN000012: AllergyIntolerance Event Activate Request
  • REPC_IN000013: AllergyIntolerance Event Activate Confirmation
  • REPC_IN000014: AllergyIntolerance Event Activate Rejection
  • REPC_IN000015: AllergyIntolerance Event Query
  • REPC_IN000016: AllergyIntolerance Event Query Response
  • REPC_IN000017: AllergyIntolerance Event Query With History
  • REPC_IN000018: AllergyIntolerance Event Query Response With History
  • REPC_IN000019: AllergyIntolerance Event Revise Notification
  • REPC_IN000020: AllergyIntolerance Event Revise Request
  • REPC_IN000021: AllergyIntolerance Event Revise Confirmation
  • REPC_IN000022: AllergyIntolerance Event Revise Rejection
  • REPC_IN000037: Adverse Reaction Event Complete Notification Reportable
  • REPC_IN000038: Adverse Reaction Event Nullify Notification
  • REPC_IN000039: AllergyIntolerance Event Nullify Notification
  • REPC_IN000058: Adverse Reaction Event Query
  • REPC_IN000059: Adverse Reaction Event Query Response
  • REPC_IN000060: Adverse Reaction Event Complete Notification
  • REPC_IN004014: Care Record Event Notification Report (Report Care Provision)
  • REPC_IN004110: Care Record Event Activate (Activate Care Provision)
  • REPC_IN004210: Care Record Event Revise Corrected (Correct Care Provision)
  • REPC_IN004211: Care Record Event Revise Appended (Append Care Provision)
  • REPC_IN004310: Care Record Event Suspend (Suspend Care Provision) -> REPC_MT004009
  • REPC_IN004410: Care Record Event Complete (Complete Care Provision)
  • REPC_IN004510: Care Record Event Resume (Resume Care Provision) -> REPC_MT004009
  • REPC_IN004610: Care Record Event Abort(Abort Care Provision)
  • REPC_IN004810: Care Record Event Nullify (Nullify Care Provision) -> REPC_MT004009
  • REPC_IN004913: Care Record Event Obsolete Replace (Replace Care Provision)
  • REPC_IN000001CA:CA CDM Record Notification
  • REPC_IN000023CA REPC_IN000023UV Patient health condition summaries query
  • REPC_IN000024CA REPC_IN000024UV Patient health condition summaries query response
  • REPC_IN000025CA REPC_IN000025UV Patient health condition details query
  • REPC_IN000026CA REPC_IN000026UV Patient health condition details query response
  • REPC_IN000028CA REPC_IN000028UV Record health condition request
  • REPC_IN000029CA REPC_IN000029UV Record health condition request accepted
  • REPC_IN000030CA REPC_IN000030UV Record health condition request refused
  • REPC_IN000032CA REPC_IN000032UV Update health condition request
  • REPC_IN000033CA REPC_IN000033UV Update health condition request accepted
  • REPC_IN000034CA REPC_IN000034UV Update health condition request refused
  • REPC_IN000041CA REPC_IN000041UV Patient cognitive services query
  • REPC_IN000042CA REPC_IN000042UV Patient cognitive services query response
  • REPC_IN000044CA REPC_IN000044UV Record patient cognitive service request
  • REPC_IN000045CA REPC_IN000045UV Record patient cognitive service request accepted
  • REPC_IN000046CA REPC_IN000046UV Record patient cognitive service request refused
  • REPC_IN000048CA REPC_IN000048UV Patient physical services query
  • REPC_IN000049CA REPC_IN000049UV Patient surg. / phy. services query response
  • REPC_IN000051CA REPC_IN000051UV Record patient measurement obs. request
  • REPC_IN000052CA REPC_IN000052UV Record patient measurement obs. request accepted
  • REPC_IN000053CA REPC_IN000053UV Record patient measurement obs. request refused
  • REPC_IN000054CA REPC_IN000054UV Patient measurement observations query
  • REPC_IN000055CA REPC_IN000055UV Patient measurement observations query response
  • REPC_IN000061CA REPC_IN000061UV Record patient physical service request
  • REPC_IN000062CA REPC_IN000062UV Record patient surg./phy. service request accepted
  • REPC_IN000063CA REPC_IN000063UV Record patient physical service request refused
  • REPC_IN000064CA REPC_IN000064UV Record patient coded observation request
  • REPC_IN000065CA REPC_IN000065UV Record patient coded observation request accepted
  • REPC_IN000066CA REPC_IN000066UV Record patient coded observation request refused
  • REPC_IN000067CA REPC_IN000067UV Patient coded observations query
  • REPC_IN000068CA REPC_IN000068UV Patient coded observations query response
  • REPC_IN000070CA REPC_IN000070UV Record care composition request
  • REPC_IN000071CA REPC_IN000071UV Record care composition request accepted
  • REPC_IN000072CA REPC_IN000072UV Record care composition request refused
  • REPC_IN000073CA REPC_IN000073UV Update care composition request
  • REPC_IN000074CA REPC_IN000074UV Update care composition request accepted
  • REPC_IN000075CA REPC_IN000075UV Update care composition request refused
  • REPC_IN000076CA REPC_IN000076UV Record discharge/ care summary request
  • REPC_IN000077CA REPC_IN000077UV Record discharge / care summary request accepted
  • REPC_IN000078CA REPC_IN000078UV Record discharge/ care summary request refused
  • REPC_IN000079CA REPC_IN000079UV Record clinical note observation request
  • REPC_IN000080CA REPC_IN000080UV Record clinical note observation request accepted
  • REPC_IN000081CA REPC_IN000081UV Record clinical note observation request refused
  • REPC_IN000082CA REPC_IN000082UV Patient referral notification
  • REPC_IN000083CA REPC_IN000083UV Patient discharge/ care summary notification
  • REPC_IN000096CA REPC_IN000073UV Record patient referral request
  • REPC_IN000097CA REPC_IN000074UV Record referral request accepted
  • REPC_IN000098CA REPC_IN000075UV Record referral request refused
  • REPC_IN000100: Care Plan Request Refused
  • REPC_IN000102: Revise Care Plan Refused
  • REPC_IN000104: Abort Care Plan Refused


  • QUPC_IN040100: Care Record Event Get Query
  • QUPC_IN040200: Care Record Event Get Query Response
  • QUPC_IN041100: Care Record Event Find Candidate Query
  • QUPC_IN041200: Care Record Event Find Candidate Query Response
  • QUPC_IN043100: Care Record Event Profile Query
  • QUPC_IN043200: Care Record Event Profile Query Response
  • QUPC_IN000001:CA CDM Record Query Request
  • QUPC_IN000002:CA CDM Record Query Response
  • REPC_IN000084CA QUPC_IN000084UV Patient referral summaries query
  • REPC_IN000085CA QUPC_IN000085UV Patient referral summaries query response
  • REPC_IN000086CA QUPC_IN000086UV Patient discharge / care summaries query
  • REPC_IN000087CA QUPC_IN000087UV Patient discharge / care summaries query response
  • REPC_IN000088CA QUPC_IN000088UV Patient clinical report summaries query
  • REPC_IN000089CA QUPC_IN000089UV Patient clinical note obs summaries query response
  • REPC_IN000090CA QUPC_IN000090UV Patient referral details query
  • REPC_IN000091CA QUPC_IN000091UV Patient referral details query response
  • REPC_IN000092CA QUPC_IN000092UV Patient discharge / care summary details query
  • REPC_IN000093CA QUPC_IN000093UV Patient discharge / care summary details query rsp
  • REPC_IN000094CA QUPC_IN000094UV Patient clinical note details query
  • REPC_IN000095CA QUPC_IN000095UV Patient clinical note details query response
  • REPC_IN041100CA QUPC_IN041100UV Patient care composition summaries query
  • REPC_IN041200CA QUPC_IN041200UV Patient care composition summaries query response
  • REPC_IN040100CA QUPC_IN040100UV Patient care composition details query
  • REPC_IN040200CA QUPC_IN040200UV Patient care composition details query response


  • QUPC_RM000001:CA CDM Record Query Request
  • QUPC_RM040000 Care Record Query Request
  • QUPC_RM040100 Find Care Record Candidate Query Request
  • QUPC_RM040300 Care Record Profile Query Request
  • REPC_RM000001: AllergyIntolerance
  • REPC_RM000001:CA CDM Record
  • REPC_RM000002: Adverse Reaction
  • REPC_RM000003: Medical Condition
  • REPC_RM000004: AllergyIntolerance Search Query
  • REPC_RM000005: AllergyIntolerance Query Response
  • REPC_RM000006: Adverse Reaction Query Response
  • REPC_RM000007: Medical Condition Query Response
  • REPC_RM000008: Medical Condition Query
  • REPC_RM000009: AllergyIntolerance With History Query Response
  • REPC_RM000010: Medical Condition With History Query Response
  • REPC_RM000011: Adverse Reaction Notifiable
  • REPC_RM000012: Adverse Reaction Revise
  • REPC_RM000013: AllergyIntolerance Revise
  • REPC_RM000014: Medical Condition Revise
  • REPC_RM000015: Medical Condition Search Query
  • REPC_RM000016: Adverse Reaction Search Query
  • REPC_RM000017: Professional Service Event
  • REPC_RM000018: Basic Observation Event
  • REPC_RM000100: Care Statement
  • REPC_RM000101: [DEPRECATED] Allergy
  • REPC_RM000110: [DEPRECATED] Composition Content1
  • REPC_RM000120: Observation Assessment Scale
  • REPC_MT000125: Assessment Scales & Scores Updated version 2008 to eventually replace DSTU version
  • REPC_RM000130: Observation Vital Sign
  • REPC_RM000200: Care Plan
  • REPC_RM000300: ConditionTracking (generic)
  • REPC_RM000301: ConditionTrackingEvent
  • REPC_RM000305: [DEPRECATED] SimpleConditionTracking
  • REPC_RM000310: [DEPRECATED] Condition
  • REPC_RM000320: AllergyIntolerance (generic)
  • REPC_RM000321: AllergyIntoleranceEvent
  • REPC_RM000322: AllergyIntoleranceList
  • REPC_RM000323: AllergyIntoleranceSummaryObservation
  • REPC_RM000324: AllergyIntoleranceConcern
  • REPC_RM000400: Statement Collector
  • REPC_RM000410: ConditionList
  • REPC_RM000500: [DEPRECATED] InvolvedPerson
  • REPC_RM000600: [DEPRECATED] CareProvider
  • REPC_RM000700: CaredEntity
  • REPC_RM002000: Care Transfer Request
  • REPC_RM003000: Care Transfer Promise
  • REPC_RM004000: Care Record Event
  • REPC_RM004010: Care Record Event Composition
  • REPC_RM040300: [DEPRECATED] RelatedParty
  • REPC_RM050300: [DEPRECATED] CarePatient
  • REPC_RM090400: [DEPRECATED] AssignedParty
  • REPC_RM100001: Professional Service Event Response
  • REPC_RM100002: Basic Observation Event Query Response
  • REPC_RM120001: Professional Service Event Query
  • REPC_RM120002: Basic Observation Event Query


  • REPC_HD000001: AllergyIntolerance
  • REPC_HD000002: Adverse Reaction
  • REPC_HD000003: Medical Condition
  • REPC_HD000004: AllergyIntolerance Search Query
  • REPC_HD000005: AllergyIntolerance Query Response
  • REPC_HD000006: Adverse Reaction Query Response
  • REPC_HD000007: Medical Condition Query Response
  • REPC_HD000008: Medical Condition Query
  • REPC_HD000009: AllergyIntolerance With History Query Response
  • REPC_HD000010: Medical Condition With History Query Response
  • REPC_HD000011: Adverse Reaction Notifiable
  • REPC_HD000012: Adverse Reaction Revise
  • REPC_HD000013: AllergyIntolerance Revise
  • REPC_HD000014: Medical Condition Revise
  • REPC_HD000015: Medical Condition Search Query
  • REPC_HD000016: Adverse Reaction Search Query
  • REPC_HD000017: Professional Service Event
  • REPC_HD000018: Basic Observation Event
  • REPC_HD100001: Professional Service Event Response
  • REPC_HD100002: Basic Observation Event Query Response
  • REPC_HD120001: Professional Service Event Query
  • REPC_HD120002: Basic Observation Event Query
  • REPC_HD002000: Care Transfer Request
  • REPC_HD003000: Care Transfer Promise
  • REPC_HD004000: Care Record Event
  • REPC_HD004010: [DEPRECATED] Care Record Event Composition
  • REPC_HD022000: Care Plan Recommendation
  • REPC_HD023000: Care Plan

Message Types

  • REPC_MT000001: AllergyIntolerance
  • REPC_MT000002: Adverse Reaction
  • REPC_MT000003: Medical Condition
  • REPC_MT000004: AllergyIntolerance Search Query
  • REPC_MT000005: AllergyIntolerance Query Response
  • REPC_MT000006: Adverse Reaction Query Response
  • REPC_MT000007: Medical Condition Query Response
  • REPC_MT000008: Medical Condition Query
  • REPC_MT000009: AllergyIntolerance With History Query Response
  • REPC_MT000010: Medical Condition With History Query Response
  • REPC_MT000011: Adverse Reaction Notifiable
  • REPC_MT000012: Adverse Reaction Revise
  • REPC_MT000013: AllergyIntolerance Revise
  • REPC_MT000014: Medical Condition Revise
  • REPC_MT000015: Medical Condition Search Query
  • REPC_MT000016: Adverse Reaction Search Query
  • REPC_MT000017: Professional Service Event
  • REPC_MT000018: Basic Observation Event
  • REPC_MT100001: Professional Service Event Response
  • REPC_MT100002: Basic Observation Event Query Response
  • REPC_MT120001: Professional Service Event Query
  • REPC_MT120002: Basic Observation Event Query
  • REPC_MT002000: Care Transfer Request
  • REPC_MT002600: Care Provision Request Abort
  • REPC_MT003000: Care Transfer Promise
  • REPC_MT004000: Care Record Event (Care Record)
  • REPC_MT004010: [DEPRECATED] Care Record Event Composition
  • REPC_MT004005: Care Record Event Candidate (Candidate Care Record)
  • REPC_MT004009: Care Record Event Minimal (Minimal Care Record)
  • REPC_MT000003CA REPC_MT000003 Health Condition
  • REPC_MT000007CA REPC_MT000007 Health Conditions Response
  • REPC_MT000008CA REPC_MT000008 Clinical Summary Query
  • REPC_MT000010CA REPC_MT000010 Health Condition With History
  • REPC_MT000014CA REPC_MT000014 Health Condition Update
  • REPC_MT000015CA REPC_MT000015 Condition Summary Query
  • REPC_MT000082CA REPC_MT000082UV Patient referral notification
  • REPC_MT000083CA REPC_MT000083UV Patient discharge/ care summary notification
  • REPC_MT210001CA Referral Record
  • REPC_MT210002CA Referral List
  • REPC_MT210003CA Referral Detail
  • REPC_MT210004CA Referral List Query
  • REPC_MT220001CA Discharge/Care Summary Record
  • REPC_MT220002CA Discharge/Care Summary List
  • REPC_MT220003CA Discharge/Care Summary Detail
  • REPC_MT220004CA Discharge-Care Summary List Query
  • REPC_MT230001CA Clinical Note Record
  • REPC_MT230002CA Clinical Report List
  • REPC_MT230003CA Clinical Note Detail
  • REPC_MT230004CA Clinical Report List Query
  • REPC_MT410001CA Measured Observation Record
  • REPC_MT410002CA Measured Observation List Query
  • REPC_MT410003CA Measured Observation List
  • REPC_MT420001CA Coded Observation Record
  • REPC_MT420002CA Coded Observation List Query
  • REPC_MT420003CA Coded Observation List
  • REPC_MT500001CA Care Composition Record
  • REPC_MT500002CA Care Composition Update
  • REPC_MT500003CA Care Composition List
  • REPC_MT500004CA Care Composition Detail
  • REPC_MT500005CA Care Composition List Query
  • REPC_MT500006CA Record Detail Query
  • REPC_MT610001CA Cognitive Procedure Record
  • REPC_MT610002CA Cognitive Procedure List
  • REPC_MT610004CA Cognitive Procedure List Query
  • REPC_MT620001CA Physical Procedure Record
  • REPC_MT620002CA Physical Procedure List
  • REPC_MT620003CA Physical Procedure List Query
  • REPC_MT002200: Care Plan Recommendation
  • REPC_MT002300: Care Plan