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Perinatology StoryBoard

Patient Mary Maternity has just returned the new patient history form to the front desk in the waiting room of Dr. Rachel Obstetrics. Patient Mary Maternity is excited for the first Dr’s visit after finding out she is expecting her first child. The individual at the front desk takes a few moments to create and enter the information contained on the form into the clinics EHR and also activates a new Obstetric Care Plan. Patient Mary Maternity is taken back into the clinic where Melissa Medical Assistant measures Patient Mary Maternities weight and blood pressure. These measurements are entered into the EHR. Dr. Rachel Obstetrics enters the room, pulls up the EHR and newly created care plan. Dr. Rachel Obstetrics reveiws Patient Mary Maternities history performs both a subjective and objective assessment and updates any new or additional information brought up during the visit. The next visit is scheduled and Patient Mary Maternity is feeling confident about the plan of care discussed duirng the appointment. Today is Patient Mary Maternities first visit to Dr. Rachel Obstetrics since the sixteenth week ultrasound. Dr. Patricia has just completed a quick assessment and has reviewed the recent ultrasound performed last week. Dr. Rachel Obstetrics has some concerns about a few of the findings associated with the ultrasound. Dr. Rachel Obstetrics has a referral relationship with Dr. Patricia Perinatologist and discusses the benefits of the additional care a Perinatologist can provide. Dr. Rachel Obstetrics schedules a referral appointment, and updates the care plan. When the care plan is updated a message is sent in the form of a notification to Dr. Patricia Perinatologist with the intent of Patient Mary Maternity to schedule an appointment. As part of the notification, the message includes a copy of the care plan. Patient Mary Maternity visits with Dr. Patricia Perinatologist for the first visit. Dr. Patricia Perinatologist is able to access the care plan and can see the documents relating to Patient Mary Maternities plan of care up to this point.