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PHER WG San Antonio -- January 2014

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Updated 1/18/14

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Cochair availability:

  • (Indicate quarters not available:)
    • Rob Savage
      • T Q1
    • John Roberts
      • Tu Q3-Q4 (Child Health WG)
      • W Q1-Q2 (Child Health WG)
      • W Q4 (Templates WG)
      • Th Q1-Q2 (Templates WG)
    • Joginder Madra
      • Not available
    • Ken Pool
      • M Q1

Acting Co-chairs:

    • Erin Holt
      • T Q3-Q4
      • Th Q3-Q4
    • Michelle Williamson
      • T Q1
      • W Q1
      • W Q4
      • Th Q2
    • Th Q3
    • Th Q4
    • Lura Daussat
      • M Q1
      • T Q3
      • Th Q4


Day Date Time Icon Event Chair Scribe Room
Sunday January 19 AM Q1 No Meeting
Q2 No meeting
PM Q3 No meeting
Q4 No meeting
Monday January 20 AM Q1 Business med.gif

Organizing session

  • Welcome and introductions
  • Agenda review and plans for the week
Rob John Garden Terrace #129
Q2 Business med.gif
  • Vital Records Publication review
John Erin Garden Terrace #129
PM Q3 Reconciliation med.gif
  • NAMCS Survey ballot recon
Lura Ken Garden Terrace #129
Q4 Business med.gif
  • SD hosts PHER: Updates on joint projects
    • Cancer Registry PSS
    • Update on Vital Records documents


Rio Grande Center
Tuesday January 21 AM Q1 Technical med.gif
John Lura Garden Terrace #129
Q2 Business med.gif
  • OO hosts Pharm, PHER, RCRIM, Dev:
Rob Scribe Garden Terrace #129
PM Q3 Business med.gif
  • EHDI / CCHDI publication review
Michelle Rob Garden Terrace #129
Q4 Technical med.gif

PHER Hosts Pharm

  • FHIR immunization resource and medication admin resource
Ken Michelle Garden Terrace #129
Wednesday January 22 AM Q1 Reconciliation med.gif
  • NAMCS ballot recon
Erin Lura Pecos
Q2 Business med.gif


chair scribe Rio Grande West
PM Q3 Technical med.gif

Informal review of Release 1.5 (next release) of the 2.5.1 Implementation Guide for immunization messaging

Erin Michelle Pecos
Q4 Technical med.gif

Input on Immunization Conformance Profile testing effort

Lura Rob Pecos
Thursday January 23 AM Q1 Reconciliation med.gif

PA hosts PHER: reconcile models for person, patient

chair Scribe Frio
Q2 Reconciliation med.gif

PHER hosts EC:

  • OASIS/TEP ballot recon
Ken Erin Pecan
PM Q3 Business med.gif

PHER administrative wrap-up

  • DMP/3 year plan
  • co-chair nominations
  • Schedule for conference calls for next period
  • Draft agenda for next WGM
  • Ballot and harmonization planning
    • CBC completion
  • New business
Rob Ken Pecan
Q4 Technical med.gif


Rob John Pecan
Friday January 24 AM Q1 No meeting
Q2 No meeting
PM Q3 No meeting
Q4 No meeting


  • Work Group business meeting Business med.gif
  • Ballot Reconciliation meeting Reconciliation med.gif
  • Work Group technical discussion Technical med.gif