PAC: eHealth Specification Platform

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There are three initiatives that require input from eHealth standards bodies:

  • ICT MSP (broad horizontal with limited e-health understanding)
  • eHealth Network (pt rights and cross-border – just published guidelines)
  • Connecting Europe Facility – for any cross-border exchange

The main trigger is ICT MSP.

The objective is to create an eHealth Specification Platform that can provide appropriate, consistent input to these and others, thus improve on coordinated input. Note this is moving away from ISO CENELEC.

This initiative is also to determine how to recognize standards outside of regulatory frameworks.

Question si what the the role of the PAC should be.

The proposal for the framework is being worked on. Once better established, the full organizations that are participating (even if just HL7 EU), need commitment at global level. HL7 EU and affiliates still being build, so need to have HL7 Int’l. Also considering the EU-US MOU in place.

Perhaps a press release at the right time. Based on Robert’s guidance. Around the summer should have the structure and funding. (e-Health Specification Platform).

All agreed to promote and get the links.


  • Ticia and Rob to get the links
  • Ticia and Hans to communicate interest to EC
  • Rob to let us know when this is going to become reality.