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Out of Cycle meeting for ballot preparation 20&21 Feb 2012 The Hague the Netherlands

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Out of Cycle to prepare Care Provision Normative Ballot

Out of Cycle Meeting Notes

This is the link to the meeting notes of the Out of Cycle meeting at Nictiz in The Hague

Out of Cycle Meeting Information

Here is some information about the Out of Cycle at Nictiz in The Hague on the 20th and 21st of February 2012.

As mentioned at the Working Group Meeting in San Antonio, the Out of Cycle for the Patient Care will be held in the Netherlands. The focus of the Out of Cycle is to produce the ballot material for the May 2012 WGM for the following subjects:

- DMIM Care Provision

- PC Care Record Topic

- PC Care Record Query

- PC Care Transfer Topic

The material has been removed from the January 2012 NE ballot and it is our task to reproduce and renew the ballot material.

If you are interested to participate and you have not registered yet, please contact Michael Tan at

The address of Nictiz is: Oude Middenweg 55 2491 AC Den Haag. Telephone 070-3173450.

Logistic Information

As for lodging the advice would be to look for a hotel near The Hague Central Station. This would make it easy to come from Schiphol airport by train to your hotel. Some addresses near the station are:

• Eden Babylon Hotel, Bezuidenhoutseweg 53, 2594 AC, Den Haag

• Mercure Hotel, Spui 180, 2511 BW Den Haag

• Hotel Novotel, Hofweg 5, 2511 AA Den Haag.

• Hotel Wahto, Wagenstraat 127, 2512 AT Den Haag. or offer bargain rates at these hotels.

If you have a (rented) car or taxi you could also consider van der Valk hotel chain. These are also affordable hotels, but often situated near motorways. For example: • Van der Valk Wassenaar: Zijdeweg 54, 2245 BZ Wassenaar • Hotel de Gouden Leeuw: Veurseweg 180, 2252 AG Voorschoten. • Hotel Nootdorp, Gildeweg 1, 2632 BD Nootdorp

The Nictiz office is in a suburb outside the centre of The Hague. It is not so easy to reach with public transportation, but the options are: • Randstad Rail. This is a fast tram with few stations, but still requires 15 minute walk from our office. • Tram 19. This tram is slower, but stops about 100 m from our office. If your hotel is not near one of these lines, let me know and we can arrange to pick you up.

For general information about public transport you could look at Please contact me, if you have any other questions.

With kind regards,

Michael Tan product manager Nictiz

Nictiz Nationaal ICT Instituut in de Zorg Oude Middenweg 55 2491 AC Den Haag T 070 317 34 50 F 070 320 74 37

Tentative Agenda

Confirmed attendance: Co-chair: William Goossen (HL7 Netherlands) Model facilitator: Jean Henri Duteau ( HL7 Canada) Publication facilitator: Michael Tan (HL7 Netherlands) Domain expert: Kai Heitmann ( HL7 Germany) Content contributor: Gerda Meijboom ( HL7 Netherlands)

Pending confirmation: Co-chair: Ian Townend (HL7 UK)

Monday February 20th 2012, Nictiz, The Hague, Meetingroom 3d floor

Time Topic

9:30 Opening, Objectives, Agenda adjustment

10:00 DMIM & R-MIM models, updating the R2 and other current RIM features in the visio files

12:30 Lunch

13:00 Walkthrough for D-MIM

14:00 Storyboards

15:30 Templates

16.00 Generate and review publication file for D-MIM and domain materials

18:00 Dinner The Hague

Tuesday February 21th 2012, Nictiz, The Hague, Meetingroom 3d floor

Time Topic

9:30 Review Care Record Topic R-MIM and walkthrough

11:00 Review Care Transfer Topic R-MIM and walkthrough

12.00 Review CMET collection

12:30 Lunch

13:00 Review Care Record Query R-MIM and walkthrough

14.30 Formal vote on achievements if and when quorum

15:00 Generate and review publication file for R-MIMs and CMETs

16:00 Adjourn Out of Cycle meeting.