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Pharmacy FHIR Maturity October 26, 2016

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October 26, 2016


  • John Hatem
  • Luke Tso (OptumRx)
  • Marla Albitz (Wolters Kluwer)
  • Tim McNeil (SureScripts)
  • Brad Engels (FDB)
  • Michelle Miller (Cerner)
  • Mike Olson (CenterRx)
  • Scott Robertson (Kaiser Permanente)
  • Daniel Zhang (Epic)
  • Daniel Friend (Epic)
  • Clay Rogers (APPRISS)

Project Team

  • Tricia Lee Wilkins
  • Brett Marquard
  • Eric Haas
  • Melva Peters
  • Mera Choi
  • Saurav Chowdhury


  • Welcome
  • Round Table Introductions
  • Overview of Project
    • HL7 project supported by the ONC
    • Project Objectives - enhance the resources-want to do more piloting and have lessons learned from the pilots feed back into the specifications
    • Questions
      • Luke: Where do the NCPDP standards begin and end - will there be clear demarcation - there is duplication
        • will that be tackled in this project
      • Scott - there will have to be some delineation of where boundaries exist. Will be tough for pharmacy vendors to support both standards. Won't likely have FHIR from end to end
        • Scott and Tim can bring the work from NCPDP to this group
        • there are regulations (HIPPA and/or Part D) that define what standards and messages must be used - secondary use cases (such as view) may not be covered under regulation
    • Need to look at scoping for this project
      • Mapping of where FHIR resources may fit in vs NCPDP - there has been some mapping of data elements but not on workflow
    • anything within walls of the hospital - can be in scope. Retail is NCPDP space
    • from SureScripts out - could be in scope
  • Connectathon Medication Track
    • Connectathon Track
      • Scenarios
        • Patient access to medication list (overlap with US core)
        • Dispense medication from pharmacy
          • Cerner - may be more likely early Q2 - were primarily looking at reading or resources rather than creating - driver - conservative approach to MU for access to MedList - can derive using MedStatements
          • Epic - no plans to support in Q1
        • Create new outpatient prescription
        • Add new medication to patient medication list
          • ability to add records to medication list -
            • Cerner - support medication statements from patient. Haven't rolled out the ability to create medorders
            • Epic - looking at medstatment before medorder - not sure if will be there for January.
        • Access to medication administration
          • Cerner - may be more likely early Q2
          • Epic - no plans to support in Q1
      • will be focusing on STU3 specification
      • KP - no plans to support - use Epic
      • SureScripts - no active work on these use cases
      • any missing use cases or use cases of concern?
        • There is some ambiguity/flexibility in specification of approaching active med list - can you just query med statements or query other types of resources to get active list
        • May need to define construct eg. inpatient list vs outpatient, etc
        • perhaps this project can contribute to some recommendations
  • Meetings
    • Schedule - proposed Nov 9, 23, 30 at 3pm Eastern
    • Will send out meeting invites

Action Items

1. Reach out to Tim and Scott - discussion of boundaries
2. Update use cases and provide some additional information