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OO CR103 - Update Table0203 Reference

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Submitted by: Hans Buitendijk Revision date: <<Revision Date>>
Submitted date: 24 September 2012 Change request ID: OO CR103
Standard/IG: Implementation Guide Artifact ID, Name: <<Artifact ID, Name>>


In 4.6, Table 4-2, the Identifier table HL70203 is sourced as V2.7.1. However, the table in 4.6.3, Table 4-8, does not contain all values from V2.7.1, nor does it contain everything from V2.5.1.


Accept Table 0203 from V2.7.1 unconstrained. As a result, the entry in Table 4-2 is accurate and should remain, but the references in Section 4.7 second bullet and Section 4.7.6 Table 4-8 should be removed.



Recommended Action Items


18 October 2012 Motion: Accept the recommendation by Freida Hall, Seconded by Riki Merrrick. Against: 0, Abstain: 0, Favor: 9