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Nutrition Order Actor Request 20121213

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In our Nutrition Orders DAM we included the following Storyboard Actors that were not part of the cast names in the current HL7 Storyboard Names. The instructions on the ballot site indicate that “requests for additional cast names required to create new Storyboards need to be sent to the Publishing Committee. The Publishing Committee will review the request.” I cannot find a form to submit these new names. Is there such a form?

Below is the table with the additional cast names we would like to submit for review.

Actors with an asterisk displayed are not included in the HL7 Storyboard naming standards at this time, but were included in the Nutrition Orders Domain Analysis Model storyboards (May 2012 Ballot) for clarity.

Actor Role Definition
Tracy Tally* Diet Clerk
Mary Menu* Dietetic Technician A Dietetic Technician, Registered and Licensed (or Healthcare Provider (PROV-DTR)), based on local regulatory environment
Thomas Trayline* Foodservice Worker
Francis Formula* Formula Room Technician