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MnM Minutes WGM 201001 Phoenix

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Sunday, January 17, 2010 - Q3


  • Agenda Topics Review
  • Hot Topics Triage


PRESENT: Rene Spronk, Austin Kreisler, Mead Walker, Grahame Grieve, Larry Reis, Sarah Gaunt, Ravi, Dave Barnett, Andy Stechishin, Lorraine Constable, Steven Chu, Hugh Glover, Jean Duteau, Lloyd McKenzie, Woody Beeler, Aaron Shabo, Dale Nelson

  • Agenda Discussion
  • Hot Topics to discuss
    • Context Conduction
    • ActMood cleanup
    • "Observation Grab Bags" and "AdministrativeObservations vs Explicit Modeling"
    • Static Model Quality Checklist
  • Discussion of Incomplete Static Models - will continue offline between Lloyd and Grahame
  • Discussion of Static Model Quality Checklist


  • Act in DEF is combined into ActMood cleanup
  • Close ActMood and Inert vs Descriptive
  • Split out Design Patterns into as their own Wiki category and an approval/endorsement process for these patterns.
  • Move "ParameterItem.semanticsText" to ITS
  • Close Interaction and Versioning
  • Close Name and Address Priority
  • Close Requested Act
  • Remove V3 Substantivity as a hot topic.

ACTION: Lloyd will review ArB's Substantive Change document. MnM will review those comments and bring to the attention of the ArB.

MOTION: Accept Agenda as amended. Andy/Grahame

Sunday, January 17, 2010 - Q4


  • Tooling Walkthrough

Monday, January 18, 2010 - Q1


  • Hot Topic - Static Model Quality Checklist


PRESENT: Woody Beeler, Rik Smithies, JD Li, Ravi, Jean Duteau, Andy Stechishin, Lloyd McKenzie, Dale Nelson, Brian Pech,

  • Changes were made to the wiki page
    • Links to specific information will be added where possible

Monday, January 18, 2010 - Q2


  • Ballot Planning


PRESENT: Woody Beeler, Brian Pech, Jean Duteau, Lloyd McKenzie, Dale Nelson, Ravi,

  • Ballot Planning
    • MIF Document Discussion
      • Release the initial document to MnM, Vocab, Others
      • Complete Requirements documentation re status models, isolate the UML documentation in selected renderings
      • Changes to get to MIF 2.2.0 and make it a release - Ballot will be on 2.2.0
      • Seek MnM Blessing and publish (this will be tracked on
    • RIM Ballot
      • will continue with balloting the RIM (with Datatypes R2) as an approval mechanism
      • harmonization will continue to be the way for changes to the RIM
    • DT R2 Plans
      • Normative 2010 will be Datatypes R1. We will electronically publish a Datatypes R2 version to be used for comparison purposes.
      • Normative 2011 will be Datatypes R2.

MOTION: DN, JD Adopt the above plans for RIM Balloting with respect to Datatypes R2.

Monday, January 18, 2010 - Q3


  • Observation Grab-bags


PRESENT: Dale Nelson, Lloyd McKenzie,Woody Beeler, Gregg Seppala, Wendy Huang, Hugh Grant, John Koish, Grahame Grieve

See notes captured in "Discussion" section of hot topic: Administrative Observations vs. Explicit Modeling

Monday, January 18, 2010 - Q4


  • Ballot reconciliation and planning for Core Principles ballot


PRESENT: Dale Nelson, Lloyd McKenzie,Woody Beeler, JD Li

Reviewed the comments that came in in the recent Draft-for-comment ballot. Determined that virtually all will fall under one of the planned changes agreed-upon in Atlanta (Sep2009). Will complete the review as the next version is developed and schedule a formal reconciliation call, if needed.

Agreed to force preparation of next release by scheduling a submission deadline on February 19, 2010 to (and from) Beeler, with the intent to review and seek approval of the release from M&M on the February 26, 2010 conference call.

Adjourned after 35 minutes.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010 - Q1


  • Context Conduction Discussion


PRESENT: Lloyd McKenzie, Jean Duteau, Grahame Grieve, Sarah Gaunt, Tod Ryal, Rob Hausam, Lorraine Constable, Brian Pech, Ernst de Bel, Ewaut Kramer, Michael van der Zel, Stacy Bersen, Rene Spronk, Peter Hendlev, Charlie Bishop, Rik Smithies, Woody Beeler

Discussed the current problem of context conduction - which is that it is unclear about how it should work and possibly how it currently works.

There was a discussion of removing the context conduction and that did not seem to be feasible.

There was a discussion of looking at each Participation and ActRelationship and identify what conducts for each code.

Lloyd proposed the following:

  • Deprecate Participation.contextControlCode, ActRelationship.contextControlCode, ActRelationship.contextConductionInd
  • Create two attributes on ActRelationship: actRelationshipNonConducting : SET<CS>, participationNonConducting : SET<CS>
    • No static models can prohibit the use of these attributes.
    • Disallowing a code also disallows its subsumed codes.
  • Only certain types of information do conduct - it would be made explicit which ActRelationship and Participation types conduct. We will add a concept property to indicate this.
  • For types that conduct, they always conduct and are always additive (to override, you need to block and redefine). Redefinition is required if negationInd is true - and redefine participation.negationInd.
  • Conduction still works by following the serialization of models

MOTION: accept the proposal (WB/JD) 15-0-2

From the proposal, the actions are:

  • go through Charlie's list of documented issues (Charlie)
  • write this up as a formal proposal with an implementation plan (Lloyd)
  • present this to the facilitator's round table (Lloyd)
  • work through some explicit models (Lloyd/Grahame)
  • Discuss further on the March 5th conference call (MnM)
  • document the difference between constraints on an act on wire and the actual associations that an act gets through conduction

Tuesday, January 19, 2010 - Q4


  • ActMood Cleanup Proposal


PRESENT: Lloyd McKenzie, Grahame Grieve, Rik Smithies, Woody Beeler, Irma Jongeneel, Wendy Huang, Andy Stechishin

The meeting was devoted to reviewing and amending a proposal received from Grieve to clean up the descriptions and hierarchical relationships in the ActMood code system.

The proposal stemmed from a negative ballot comment received against the RIM in May 2009. The ballot reconciliation at that time found the proposal Persuasive and asked that a detailed proposal be prepared and considered for inclusion in the next RIM release (which will start ballot in May 2010).

The proposal was reviewed and edited on-screen, and (Grahame place the document so that it ...) is available here.

MOTION: Authorize Grahame Grieve to complete the proposal edited here and to submit it as a RIM Harmonization proposal in next Harmonization cycle. Beeler moved/Grieve seconded 6-0-1

Wednesday, January 20, 2010 - Q1


  • Hosting Joint with Vocabulary
    • Harmonization Planning and Issues


PRESENT: List still coming

Discussed the issues, strategies and tactics surrounding future RIM and Vocabulary Harmonization Meetings in the "on-line" only environment.

Agreed to various items, including the following:

  • Harmonization Dates for 2010
    • March 16-19
    • August 3-6
    • November 9 -12
    • On each day, the meeting times will be 12-noon to 4PM Eastern (US) time
    • These four day periods were selected as the Tuesday through Friday starting 20 days before the next ballot open date. This provides a two-week window to get the results fully prepared, reviewed and embedded in the next ballot.
  • Coverpage deadline will be 11:59 PM of the Sunday 30 days prior to first date. Thus:
    • February 14
    • July 4
    • October 10 - Note: this date is the Sunday two days after the October 2010 Working Group Meeting.
  • A select group will perform a detailed technical review of all proposals in the ten days following the coverpage deadline. The goal of this function (expected to take several hours by conference call) is to evaluate the completeness and comprehensibility of each proposal, and will feed back issues, questions, etc. to the proponents to allow correction before the final proposal deadline
    • Initial volunteers include: Beeler, Klein, Hamm, McKenzie, Huang.
    • Initial meeting date is February 23, 2010
  • Final content deadline will be 11:59PM Sunday nine days before the meeting. Thus:
    • March 7
    • July 25
    • October 31
  • An effort will be made to:
    • prepare VML (vocabulary maintenance language) files for all proposals before the meeting
    • to provide repositories that contain these changes prior to the meeting in order to facilitate review and understanding
    • to create VML and instantiate approved proposals in the repository in the period between the end of one days session and the beginning of the next
    • To that end, proposals that include a completed VML file will receive earlier and "happier" reviews than will those that are purely in Word format or are incomplete.
  • M&M will look to provide guidance for defining vocabulary constraints for particular kinds of attributes in static models and in particular environments (affiliate, implementation guide, implementation) etc.

Thursday, January 21, 2010 - Facilitator's Roundtable


  • Discussion of Harmonization dates and procedures
  • Committee Reports
  • MnM Summary


PRESENT: Woody Beeler (Chair), Lloyd McKenzie (MnM), Mead Walker (RCRIM), Wendy Huang (PA), Gregg Seppala (PA), Dale Nelson (ITS), Grahame Grieve (InM), Jean Duteau (Pharmacy), Andy Stechishin (Publishing/Tooling), Abdul-Malik Shakir (Education), Ted Klein (Vocab), Austin Kreisler (O&O), Gunther Schadow (O&O), Bob Dolin (StructDocs), Hugh Glover (Medication), Julie James (PS), Jobst Landgrebe (Vocab), Rob Hausen (Vocab), Christoph Gessner (HCD), Rene Spronk (RIMBAA), Pat Gunter (CIC), Amnon Shabo (Clinical Genomics)

Committee Reports

  • Patient Administration
    • the last of the PA CMETs have gone normative
  • ITS
    • considered how to handle "other" ITS
    • project to investigate RIM-based ITS with the intent to ballot in May
    • work with StructDocs to handle their concerns with the ITS
    • added two new co-chairs - Ann Wrightson and Jean Duteau
    • Datatypes R1.1 completed ballot reconciliation, ITS Structures 2 is ongoing
    • DT R1.1 is adopted by "trading partner agreement". There is no version to indicate 1.1 - it just uses a different schemas.
    • In existing Datatypes schema, we have re-engineered so that the circle of reference (Datatypes->Vocab->Datatypes) does not exist.
  • InM
    • Reballot a "new" Wrappers R2 which will consist of Wrappers R1 + Batch wrappers
    • Have a work item to add concepts such as SoftwareUser, SoftwareUserGroup.
  • Vocab
    • In June or July, we will be taking the normative version of CTS2
    • Approved a new type of binding realm - potentially named a "reference realm"
    • There is a JIC project for OID Registry
    • New policy that will deal with codes that already exist in external code systems
    • Core Principles will be going to Normative ballot in May
  • Medication
    • Harmonization proposals to come forward
    • Medication CMETs will be based on CPM instead of the Medication DMIM
  • CPM
    • Release 1 DSTU is all done, Release 2 will begin work
    • IDMP Substances is beginning work which will result in Vocab harmonization proposals
    • SPL R5 will use CPM
  • StructDocs
    • RHS of the CDA R3 model will be the RIM
    • Two template projects will be undertaken
  • PHER
    • Immunization-related vocab harmonization proposals to come
  • Education
    • In Rio, Wed Q4 will be offering curriculum development
  • Clinical Genomics
    • Genetic Variation passed Normative Ballot
  • Pharmacy
    • ActSubstanceAdministrationType harmonization proposal
    • Five topics being balloted or re-balloted in May
  • Patient Care
    • Three topics (AssessmentScales, HealthConcern, and CareProvision) have been reconciled and will be DSTU published (as soon as work is complete)
    • Two topics - Clinical Document and Care Plan - will be restarting
  • Publishing
    • With the cleanup, the QA step was an order of magnitude less.
  • MnM Report
    • See MnM Minutes