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MnM Minutes CC 20130731

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M&M Conference Call 4:00PM Eastern Time (Date above)

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  • Approve Minutes Prior Meeting on 07/10
  • Ballot reconciliation for Core Principles Release 2
  • Vote in Foundation & Technology Steering Division Co-Chair Election
  • MnM Participation in Education Project
  • FHIR Methodology Review


George Beeler, Lloyd McKenzie, Jean Duteau, Austin Kreisler

Approve Agenda and Minutes Prior Meeting on 07/10

LM/JD 3-0-0

Ballot reconciliation on remaining Three Items on Core Principles Release 2

Reconciliation for the final three items from Core Principles R2, balloted in September 2012. Source material includes the reconciliation spreadsheet and a draft revision in html in a ZIP archive on Gforge. Material was presented and reviewed on remaining "Neg" votes.

Action to accept reconciliation entries for the three lines: LM/JD - 3-0-0

Beeler will assemble a "final draft" for circulation to Negative voters along with the Reconciliation sheet. This was done, including actions on the "A" items, prior to the scribing of these minutes.

Vote in Foundation & Technology Steering Division Co-Chair Election

Beeler's term as a Co-Chair of the Foundation and Technology Steering Division is up at the end of the year. Nominations were received in June, and the voting is open until July 31, 2013. MnM needs to cast its vote (one vote per Work Group in the Steering Division.) The group can either vote for the nominee (Beeler) or agree to a write-in candidate and cast its vote for that individual.

Move to vote for nominee: LM/JD 3-0-0

MnM Participation in Education Project

MnM is a joint WG on a project by Education WG to develop mini-webinars on MnM-related topics. In discussion, we agreed to try to address three topics in the near term:

  • Webinar - How to do a Harmonization Proposal
  • Webinar - RIM & Vocabulary Harmonization Process (gb)
  • Webinar - Refinement Constraint and Localization

Beeler undertook to create one on the second topic above. McKenzie will contact M Peters on sources and formats for these.

FHIR Methodology Review

There remains a need to undertake Methodology documentation for FHIR. Agreed to devote conference calls of August 7, and August 21 to this topic.