MnM Minutes CC 20090911

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M&M Conference Call Noon Eastern Time (Date above)


  • Hot topics discussions


Beeler, Kreisler, Seppala, Singureanu, Nelson, Thompson

State of MnM Minutes and Agendas

Lamented the loss of organization of MnM Minutes and agendas in last four months.

Additions of Published WGM Agenda

Noted that published agenda does not include MnM 3-yr plan, project "clean up" and SWOT.

Registry Patterns Hot Topic

Discussed the Registry patterns issue that is Gforge item 882 - see e-mail thread also. Issue is the presence of variant, but similar patterns between work groups and implementation architectures. (See Seppala e-mail.) We lack the place to put guidance, and the content for it.

Adopted plan to:

  • Express this issue in "Hot Topics" category on the Wiki, (InM and MnM). (Dale will undertake.)
  • Plan to schedule a discussion in Atlanta, either in Hot Topics Session or by joining the planned PA/SOA meeting

(Thurs Q2) or in the SOA/MnM/OO/ARB get-togethers Wed PM) to discuss this.

  • Suggest that a discussion might center around either an Act state machine or a business-cycle state pattern would be most productive.

Hot Topic - Attribute Interpretation changers under Various Mood Codes

The question raised is: "How does the "isDocumentCharacteristic" property that was adopted to clarify negation intersect with the way that attribute interpretations "morph" in different moods. For example, "status code" in the eMeasures ballot is considered part of a criterion description, rather than the status of the criterion Act itself.

The same issues arise around participations. We may (but need to verify) have closed this for negation, but clearly have not done so around criterion. This is most obvious for Mood codes under _ActMoodPredicate. Agreede to seek this as a Hot Topic discussion in Atlanta. Kreisler and Beeler are voting on this in eMeasures. AK will post this on Wiki.


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