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May 20, 2014 Security WG Conference Call

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Meeting Information

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Member Name Present Member Name Present Member Name Present
Mike Davis Security Co-chair x John Moehrke Security Co-chair Trish Williams Security Co-chair
Bernd Blobel, Security Co-chair Johnathan Coleman x Kathleen Connor x
Duane DeCouteau x Reed Gelzer Suzanne Gonzales-Webb CBCC Co-chair
Rick Grow x David Henkel x Mohammed Jafari
Don Jorgenson Diana Proud-Madruga x Harry Rhodes
Ioana Singureanu . . . Ross Freeman .
Amanda Nash Walter Suarez . Tony Weida x
Chris Clark . Paul Petronelli . Aaron Seib, 2311, LLC
Alexander Mense x . .

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  1. (05 min) Roll Call
  2. Update on the Provenance effort - Jonathan
  3. Harmonization Proposals - Kathleen
  4. Way with Verbs Update - Tony
  5. (05min) Other business, action items, and adjournment

Meeting Minutes

Meetings Minutes from 5/22:

  • Mike wanted to review meeting minutes from April 29, but said the WG would review them at the next meeting since there are no minutes posted on the Wiki site.
  • The project scope statement for the Data Provenance initiative is still in ballot at HL7, but 8 of the 14 working groups in the Domain Expert Steering Division have voted in favor of it.
  • Within the S&I Framework initiative, the Data Provenance Tiger Team has developed some of the front matter and started initial modeling work to assemble various Data Provenance artifacts from HL7 – like Data Segmentation and the CDA – into the draft working document.
  • Kathleen presented and led a discussion on the Trust Policy Vocabulary HL7 Harmonization Proposal. It has to be submitted by June 6, so the Security WG can vote to approve it during either the May 27 or June 3 weekly meetings.
  • A second HL7 Harmonization Proposal – New Refrain Policy Code NOPAT – approved to be submitted by June 6.
  • Tony briefed the WG about the project scope statement for the Way with Verbs project. It was suggested that the WG pursue a domain analysis model for the project. However, Mike and Kathleen argued – and Tony agreed – that creating a DAM would be unnecessary.
  • Diana shared the results of a discussion she had with Reed Gelzer regarding the Way with Verbs project. Reed suggested that some of the nouns need to be harmonized, and noted that verbs placed in different contexts are going to mean different things.