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HL7 Standards Training for Career Advancement

The Education Working Group is developing a matrix to suggest a Path for learning about the standards for people interested in career advancement.

To help us develop a matrix of courses, we are asking you to suggest courses and webinars to include in this matrix. Because people come with various levels of experience, please include the following categories with your suggestions: Entry level, Intermediate, and Advanced.

The chart below is a matrix we’ve started with the most basic courses. You can send us your additions by email to Sharon Kayne Chaplock, HL7 Director of Education, or post to the education list.

You can download the matrix and include your suggestions directly on the matrix or simply include them in the body of an email. The deadline for collecting suggestions is May 12, 2016.

    • Notes from Education Facilitators Lunch - May 9, 2016:
      • separate by Standards Development
      • separate by Implementer
        • add in Implementation Workshops and FHIR Connectathon and CDA Implementation-a-thon
      • Vocabulary WG to provide feedback as to which courses belong in which category
Proficiency Level Recommended Course Sequence Standards Development Implementer
Entry Level HL7 Fundamentals Course
Standards for Interoperability
HL7 Organization and Process Orientation
Introduction to UML
Intermediate Level HL7 FHIR Fundamentals Course
Introduction to Version 2
Introduction to Version 3
Introduction to CDA (moved to Entry Level)/Advanced CDA
Introduction to FHIR Development
Glossary Management
Advanced Level FHIR: Architectural Approaches
FHIR for Specifiers
Advanced Vocabulary in HL7
Clinical Genomics Apps in FHIR