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March 3rd 2009 Security Conference Call

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Security Working Group Meeting

==Attendees== (expected)

Agenda and Minutes (DRAFT)

  1. (05 min) Roll Call
  2. (05 min) Approve Minutes & Accept Agenda
  3. (15 min) Operations Spreadsheet - Tony Weida, continued discussion as needed
  4. (15 min) Operations Spreadsheet comments - Mike Davis
  • Definition of operation entered (comes from standards)
  • Column A - have moved 'up' the term UPDATE from Tony's spreadsheet
    • recommend to use update and mark revise as a synonym; (will leave it up to Tony for best fit
    • 'Replace in security parlance we see this as a ‘’combination of delete and create’’ it’s a logical thing. Note: cannot be used under modify since it contains the higher element of create.
  • Delete and Execute are blue, took the definition of execute from the security standards.
    • execute: initiate performance of a sing or set of programs
  • Reproduce definitions to produce another artifact with the same content of the original
    • Possible synonym: paste?
  • delete
    • Security definition removal of information about an object from memory or storage.
    • There are problems with this---healthcare does not always delete information; things can be un-deleted,
    • excised or destroyed can be used to cover this definition. The idea of delete is going to be… I don’t want this to be seen.. and we need to make this clear, rather than placed in a recycle bin and have ability to be brought up again. I want this to be removed from my current record however most physicians keep information forever. Remove something from this point forward without having archival backups. Note: may need to remove from going forward and from going back

We don’t want to impose policy in these terms however…whether or not the information is deleted or not would be a policy.

  • Copy – copy places an image into memory. Past is the action that creates on or more objects with the same content. Reproduce…same as paste?

The definition of a hierarchy (as given by Tony…need)

:continued into Community-Based Collaborative Care Call

Action Items

Need to separate which area(s) of the spreadsheet are part of the Security-CBCC Joint project and which is vocabulary solely in the CBCC domain.

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