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January 24th, 2012 Security Working Group Conference Call

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Security Working Group Meeting

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  1. (05 min) Roll Call, Approve Minutes & Accept Agenda
  2. (15 min) HL7 WGM wrap up and Action Items Mike Davis
  3. (15 min) Draft Work Plan - Security and Privacy Ontology
  4. (15 min) HL7 EHRS FM Action--Verb Hierarchy ppt
  5. (15 min) acquiring ISO Standards
  6. (5 min) Other Business

Meeting Minutes - DRAFT

Roll Call, Approve Minutes & Accept Agenda

Draft Work Plan - Security and Privacy Ontology

Please follow link:

HL7 EHRS FM Action--Verb Hierarchy
  • The attached HL7 EHR-S FM Action Verb hierarchy should be reviewed by Security and CBCC WGs.
    • They do not map to the Security Operations (CRUDE or the data operations code system).
    • They do not appear to align with the Security and Privacy Ontology.
  • Below are examples of potential issues:
    • Why would encrypt/decrypt be under the category of “Store” when those could be required for use and exchange as well.
    • The definition of TAG is “To UPDATE data by marking it for special use. For example, a nurse may TAG the previous week’s records for patients that presented with a severe cough and fever.” This might be useful for tagging for sensitivity, but needs to be thought through – why isn’t the data “tagged” when created rather than as an “update”?
    • RENDER and EXTRACT may be a “Disclosure” but that’s not differentiated.
    • AUDIT (revised) To TRACK system-initiated or user-initiated activities by analyzing logs based on policies or rules. For example, the system may automatically AUDIT the daily log for multiple-failed-logon-attempts. Another example is that an administrator may AUDIT the excessive use of extraordinary (i.e., “break-the-glass”) access to certain patient information in the Emergency Department. John already suggested that there should be a more general Event logging – and that Audit should be a specialization.

Request to publish Security and Privacy DAM DSTU FYI -- This was announced to the co-chairs and affiliate chairs for consideration back in October 2011, and the TSC tabled the motion to approve publication on Nov 7th anticipating a human-readable form of the DAM, another announcement is not needed. The tabled motion has been entered onto the TSC agenda on Monday January 30th. It's being tracked at TSC tracker # 2104. See for details.

  1. (5 min) Other Business

Action Items

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