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Education Teleconference February 29, 2012

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  • Chair - Melva Peters
  • Scribe - Diego Kaminker
  • Mike Henderson
  • AbdulMalik Shakir
  • Virginia Lorenzi
  • Mary Ann Boyle


  • eLearning Update
    • Scholarship program only has 5 requests received - all from the US.
    • Asked Mary Ann to include in the HL7 News this week
    • HL7 Canada has started own edition Feb 27 - 60 students
    • HL7 International edition - 218 registrations for March edition
    • HL7 Italy has requested to start from our ELC site - preparing go-live in the upcoming months
    • HL7 India holding edition now
    • HL7 Romain holding edition now
  • Vancouver WGM Tutorial Schedule - no updates
    • no need to include on upcoming agenda
  • Education Summit Tutorial Schedule - no updates
    • no need to include on upcoming agenda
  • Review of Project Status
    • Webinars Project
      • forwarded to SD for approval
      • will be holding doodle poll for approval
    • Certification Enhancement Project
      • on TSC for approval Feb 27, 2012 - approved
      • Diego will begin to gather input from affiliates
    • Tutorial Tracking System
      • Action item for Melva - update Wiki page with content
      • AMS will work as project facilitator on this project
  • Discussion of Balloting 101 Tutorial - with Electronic Services
    • Melva to followup with Ken McCaslin and Lorraine Constable
    • ES will be in contact after they have had a meeting to discuss
  • Education for Nurses
    • Mary Ann and Melva meeting with Mark MacDougall and Karen Van H tomorrow
    • further updates after that meeting
  • Planning
    • Decision Making Practice
      • Our current DMP is from 2005
      • PIC has published a "default" DMP that they recommend for most WG
      • Melva did a review and no significant differences except new DMP allows for electronic voting
      • Quorum would be the same - 1 co-chair and 2 members
      • It was moved by Shakir and seconded by Kaminker to accept the default DMP as the DMP for Education WG - Carried 3/0/0
      • Melva to forward decision to Lynn Lasko
  • Any other Business
    • V2.7 exam - will be used at March summit and onwards
    • V3 RIM update - Virginia has passed on to MnM as they are a co-sponsor. Still waiting.
      • once we have MnM approval as co-sponsor will be forwarded to SD and TSC
  • Next meeting: March 14 at 10am Eastern