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December 1, 2011 Financial Management Work Group Conference Call

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FM Meeting Minutes

Conference Call Schedule

  • Every other week on Thursday @ 2:00 pm, Eastern Standard Time (New York, GMT-04:00)
  • Phone Number: +1 770-657-9270 Participant Passcode: 686300# (alternative for US if the first number doesn't work: +1 888-321-4501)
  • Web Meeting:

December 15, 2011 Call Agenda


Meeting Minutes

  • Reviewed Agenda: Ted was not available to present on FM US Realm Vocabulary issues. Defer until San Antonio WG meeting.
  • Deferred approval of November 3 FM call minutes until next call
  • Hans presented a three part proposal 718 for addition of DME fields required to meet CMS regulatory changes.
    • (1) Add proposed fields 43 - 52 to FT1. Request that the sequence numbers are locked in so that implementers can pre-adopt once the workgroup agrees these are valid additions while the final ballot may still yield adjustments.
    • (2) Add new field 56 for Exempt Investigational Devices or follow new approach of adding a participation segment PRT to FT1 with supporting participation codes wherever FT1 is referenced. In this case add “Exempted Investigational Device” code to Table 0912
    • (3) Consider deprecating the following fields and add the appropriate participation to Table 0912:
      • FT1.13
      • FT116
      • FT1.20
      • FT1.21
      • FT1.24
      • FT1.32
      • FT1.33
      • FT1.35
      • FT1.37
      • FT1.40
    • Three call participants voted to approve the first two parts, and tentatively approved part 3 pending input from the list. Hans will draft list messages requesting feedback. FM will take a final vote on part 3 during the next call.

Hans' write up of proposal for list review

  • As part of the various internal charge transactions to support the external claims transactions, a number of DME fields need to be able to be transacted. Rather than taking a z-segment approach, we believe there is a common need for those, so we like to propose addition of these fields to the FT1 segment.
  • At this time we do not think we can add further scope to V2.8, so the objective is to have the Financial Management workgroup pass a motion on January 5, 2012, to accept the attached proposal, with whatever agreed to modifications through this discussion up through the workgroup's conference call, so those interested in using these fields can consider pre-adopting this, with a known risk that the final ballot may yield further changes. We believe this approach is less risky (assuming the workgroup approves the proposal) than to take a z-segment approach and then have to change it, or never change it.
  • The proposal has three elements that should be agreed to in sequence:
    • Add a number of DME related fields as FT1 attributes
    • Either add the PRT segment after the FT1 wherever used with a new participation code for Exempted Investigational Device, or add that as an FT1 attribute as well. Adding a PRT segment increases flexibility and aligns with both similar changes in other V2 chapters as well as V3's approach to participation.
    • If it is agreed to add the PRT segment, deprecate a number of fields that can be covered by PRT. This is not necessary to do, but would yield consistency and avoid any confusion where to value certain fields.
  • Based on the discussion on the list serve and the January 5 discussion, we plan to make a motion to accept the resulting updated proposal and put it into the V2.9 queue. After that we will investigate whether there is still an opportunity to include this in V2.8, although that is not likely to be feasible nor fully necessary.

Meeting was adjourned at 2:45PM Eastern

--- Next meeting scheduled for Thursday, January 5, 2012

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