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Datatypes R2 Issue 78

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Data Types Issue 78: PQ coding rationale

This item had been discussed and resolved of by a Vocab / DataTypes meeting in January 2004 WGM. Unfortunately I have no record of the actual motion and resolution. Someone needs to look for the minutes of Vocab if any exist.

These minutes do not exist in either CQ or Vocab records for that meeting. --GrahameGrieve 00:30, 2 May 2007 (CDT)

That's why I say "Partially Approved", because noone seemed to have preserved minutes. Gschadow 10:51, 3 May 2007 (CDT)


PQ is modeled using a CNE unit code which is a CS and in the XML ITS is an attribute.

 <quantity value="200" unit="g"/>

Other unit codes are supported as PhysicalQuantityRepresentation (PQR) which is a CE with the addition of a value on every level of translation (because unit translations commonly necessitate value transformations.)

 <quantity value="200" unit="g">
   <translation value="200" code="GMS" codeSystem="&theirunits;"/>
 <quantity value="200" unit="g">
   <translation value="7" code="OUNCES" codeSystem="&theirunits;">
     <translation value="7" code="[oz_av]" codeSystem="&UCUM;" xxx="S">
       <translation value="200" code="GMS" codeSystem="&theirunits;">


How to distinguish the source of the standard unit?

  • In CE translation order determines source and translation (translation is always "nested" inside the source.)
  • In the CE, the code in the standard-complient code system can appear anywhere in the nesting.

Possible Solutions

Add a property, e.g., "codingRationale" or "use" code of type SET<CS> with the following table:

  • O - originally produced code
  • P - post-coding from free text source
  • R - required standard code for HL7
  • S - source of effective standard code for HL7


Why is this "Partially Approved"?

Because the minutes have not been seen yet. My records do not contain an actual vote and resolutions. Gschadow


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