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Datatypes R2 Issue 58

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Data Types Issue 58: GTS Frequency Code


Grahame's note:

Implementation of GTS frequency code. (Mead)

asked Mead for more info--GrahameGrieve 20:31, 20 June 2007 (CDT)

? backward compatible.



There was a substantial discussion on this question, probably about two years ago. I do not have my emails from that period, so I can only summarize the issue.

I have a client who using V3 to receive information about drug orders and lab testing. In the process, they need to accept information about frequencies. On the sending side, the senders have large lists of valid frequencies. They do not want to learn how to compose and parse GTS statements. It would be much easier for them if there was some sort of code that could be used. This could be something "intuitive" like today's "BID", or it could be something less accessible but more GTS like such as "12H" - that is the string that summarized the GTS expression. However, they most have a string of some sort that can be mapped to their underlying codes. They are going to refuse to parse a compound GTS expression.

Note, they currently have created a custom attribute within act - "frequencyCode"

Does this provide enough context? I do not think I was the only one raising this issue, and I do think there is a general understanding of the pros and cons of making a change.



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