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CSCR-098-CSCG-Incorporate Pedigree Family Structure

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Submitted by: Hans Buitendijk Revision date: May 13, 2009
Submitted date: May 13, 2009 Change request ID: CSCR-098


The Pedigree/Family History model is currently not derivable from the Clinical Statement making it challenging to more easily introduce Pedigree/Family History data wherever the SupportingClinicalStatement CMET is in play or where the Clinical Statement is the primary content model.


  • Include the attached proposed model
  • If there is an easier way to convey the same meaning and support the use case further described in Pedigree/Family History, the exact modeling attached does not need to be adhered to.

Feb-2012 - This was the original suggested new structure:

(Pedigree Structure)

However since this was originally proposed, the CS model has been changed.

This is how CS was at the time of the proposal: CS Before Reorganisation

This is the difference between the old and new models in effect, showing that the PatientOrPersonRelated class is added to the choice box and can be accessed by both the subject participation (left to right) and the subjectOf participation (right to left). You can go from the act choice (just showing at the left) through the subject participation, to PatientOrPersonRelated, to the Person entity, and then back to the PatientOrPersonRelated role, and back via the subjectOf participation into the act choice again. Just the changes

This is the actual structure that is needed, taken from POCG_RM000040UV.html (in Normative Edition, no longer in ballot) Genomics Structure Wanted

This is CS as it is now, showing that the choice box that was to be amended is no longer there

CS as it is now

Hence a whole new structure is needed to cover the Pedigree structure.

It doesn't seem possible to have the proposed new structure in a CMET, since you cannot exit a CMET, so the subjectOf participation (right to left) wont work.



Recommended Action Items


4-Jun-2009 Motion to incorporate a Pedigree structure in CS and work through the modeling to get the best representation in CS. Charlie, Rik. Against: 0; Abstain: 1; In Favor: 3