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CIM UML Profile

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“To provide a common format for detailed specifications for the representation of health information content so that semantically interoperable information may be created and shared in health records, messages, and documents.”

CIMI UML Profile Goal

“To provide an ecosystem of tools that underpin and support CIMI activities through the use of an open source approach and adopted standards.”


  • Represent the semantics of CIMI while being agnostic of its structural representation
  • Leverage standards and standards-based tools
  • Reduce complexity and lower the barrier for entry
  • Facilitate reuse of CIMI models and schemas
  • Embrace accepted UML modeling styles and constructs
  • Enable use of CIMI models for use with other standards, technologies and layers
  • Support deterministic mapping to and from the CIMI technology layers based on CIMI rules


  • Clarity: Ensure that a UML representation of a CIMI model produced by one developer can be accurately interpreted by another.
  • Completeness: Ensure that a developer can produce a UML representation of any CIMI concept
  • Practicality: A developer can employ the profile in current UML development tools to develop a CIMI model


  • Provides a clear, consistent means of designing models
  • Can be implemented by tool vendors
  • Separates clinical modeling concepts from specific solutioning
  • Enables creation of open source solutions


  • Create a collection of layered, complementary profiles that work together to support CIMI
  • Accommodate specific implementations by extending and transforming unforeseen platform specific solutions
  • Use transformation techniques to generate horizontal (ex. AOM ), vertically (ex. XSD, JSON)from reference models, and the reverse


Executive Sponsors

  • Stan Huff (Intermountain Health)
  • Colleen Brooks (MOHH)
  • Thomas Beale (OpenEHR)
  • Dennis Giokas (Infoway)
  • Stephen Chu (NEHTA)
  • Nicholas Oughitbridge (NHS)
  • Doug Fridsma (ONC)

Working Team

  • Dave Carlson
  • Harold Solbrig
  • Thomas Beale
  • Robert Lario
  • Galen Mulrooney
  • Michael van der Zel
  • Stephen Hufnagel
  • Ginna Yost
  • Sasha Borjicic


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