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CGIT concall 20141117

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Meeting Information (cancelled)

  • Date: Monday, Nov. 17, 2014
    • Time: 4:00 pm, North America Eastern Time (New York, GMT-04:00)

Expected Participants

  • Ioana Singureanu
  • Nathan Bunker
  • Robert Snelick
  • Frank Oemig

Planned Agenda Topics

  • Welcome/Introductions
  • RCnL
    • Reconciliation of reaffirmation ballot on R2
    • Planning for R3

RCnL R3 (Results from Vancouver Sept. 2012)

Candidates for Scope of updates:

  • Terms and wording alignment with: HL7 Core Principles, MIF, SAIF. Inclusion of FHIR to be determined after discussion with MnM
  • Add “invoking the constraint” to sections as appropriate
  • Add “best practices” to sections as appropriate
  • Section 1 – Overview
    • Add a section about conformance verbs. The direction is here:
    • Section 1.2 – add in DAM into diagram– how it fits with DMIM and RMIM & Options to specify to message types further should be reflected
    • Use different DMIMs and different RMIMs in the second diagram below (Action item to Frank)
    • Section 1.3 – review and update when the rest of the document is complete
  • Section 2 – Constraints and Annotations
    • Under general section 2 update the sequence between Appearance Constraints and Cardinality constraints
    • Section 2.1 – specialized data types are mentioned (“collection types) however the concept of data types is not introduced into section 2.4
    • Section 2.2 – under generation section: need to explain what is appearance constraints (in addition to what it does) and review subsequent sections
    • Section 2.3 – Update the single “codes” under Conformance and Mandatory to be in full name e.g. NP stands for Not Permitted. Add expectations of sender or receiver actions related to each of the appearance constraints. E.g. what is a receiver supposed to do when they received something flagged as NP? Re-think about the column names
Mandatory Conformance Minimum Cardinality Null O.K? Comment
M R 1 No be present and valued in a message.
(not mandatory) R 0 Yes If no information is available, just don't send it!
(not mandatory) R 1 Yes
(not mandatory) NP n/a No
(not mandatory) (unspecified) 0 Yes
    • Section 2.4 – Type constraints
      • Update to data types table to Data types R1 and R2 normative editions
      • Update substitution table to ensure all data types are included and examine whether we need a different substitution table for Data types R2
      • Clarify how model A and model B are related. E.g. is model A the existing model and model B is the new model or vice versa?
      • Update wording re: normative edition 2005 (or other versions other than 2011)
      • Update each section with a “invoking the constraint” guidance section
    • Section 2.5 – update to align with Core Principles
    • Section 2.6 – review and update as required
    • Section 2.7 – Annotations
      • Review and update the annotation types with the latest MIF schema (MIF 2.2)
  • Section 3 – constraint profiles
    • Align with v2 constrainable profiles
    • Add diagram about how to clone a class for refinement
    • Check the way it is organized to ensure logical flow
    • Add conformance assessments
  • Section 4 – Conformance
    • Requires review to ensure content is up to date
    • Reference use of “SHALL” to Publishing Facilitator Guide section 5.1.1
    • Vocab conformance – align with Core Principles
  • Section 5 – Localization
    • Confirm “target audience” is in the right section (e.g. should it be moved up to a more general section under Section 1 Overview)
    • Need to add a section “message type” possibly after “collection types”