CDA IG Quality Minutes 2013-06-25

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CDA Implementation Guide Quality

Sub Group Meeting - June 25, 2013

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  • Andy Stechishin (chair) - CANA Software & Services (AS)
  • Don Lloyd - HL7 International (DL)
  • Isobel Frean - HL7-UK (IF)
  • Beck Matthews - NEHTA (BM)


  1. Roll call and Attendance (5 minutes)
  2. Review last minutes (5 minutes)
  3. Review Action Items (5 minutes)
    1. AS will post minutes to wiki
    2. AS will update main page on wiki with schedule from PSS
  4. Review Quality Submissions
  5. Around the Table
  6. Adjourn


  • Called to order at 3:02 Eastern

Discussion on New Implementation Guide

There was a discussion on how to ballot/publish an Implementation Guide coming from Poland (which does not currently have an affiliate).

Review Previous Minutes

No comments

Review Action Items

  1. AS will post minutes to wiki
    • All previous minutes posted, complete
  2. AS will update main page on wiki with schedule from PSS
    • Complete

Review Quality Submissions

No new Quality Submissions

Around the Table

  • BM - question about the value of a Word or Open Office template
    • AS/DL provided history on the submission of material and identified that rather than a conscious choice, the lack of a template for Word formats is likely due to bandwidth restrictions on Publishing Work Group members

Next Steps

  • AS will contact Sarah Gaunt to exercise the Q/A Submission page

Adjourn 3:44 pm Eastern

Outstanding Action Items