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20131217 SAIF AP ConCall

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SAIF Architecture Program – 2013-12-17 Meeting

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Meeting Logistics


  1. Role Call
  2. Agenda Review
  3. Planning the shutdown of SAIF AP
    1. Identify tasks for shutting down SAIF AP
    2. One area to remain open: CMETs
  4. Create agenda for Jan 2014 WGM
  5. Next steps

Meeting Attendees

X=Present on Call

Facilitator Austin Kreisler Note taker(s) David Hamill
Attendee Name Affiliation
X Austin Kreisler TSC Chair
X David Hamill HL7 HQ / Program Manager
X Rick Haddorff Project Services WG / SAIF Pilot Coordination Pjt
X Michael Denny Mitre
X Lorraine Constable Composite Order Pjt / OO Behavioral Framework Pjt
Patrick Loyd OO Work Group / Composite Order Pjt
Ken McCaslin TSC Chair Elect
Alean Kirnak Cross Paradigm Project
Quorum Requirements Met: Yes


Planning the shutdown of SAIF AP

  • Create a report on the work done regarding the SAIF AP by incorporating the following:
    • Identify the list of the projects under SAIF AP
    • Determine which Project Facilitators should be interviewed
    • From the interviews, create the report and suggest next steps to the TSC
  • Lorraine and Patrick and their OO Lab Conceptual Model project would be the front runner for most of the documentation as they progressed the most.
  • Have the final report include artifacts which were created by the OO project
  • One question is who would own those artifacts? MnM? Perhaps the Product Line Architecture program should decide
  • Much of the OO Lab work has been documented from the Cambridge (Sept 2013 WGM)
  • The SAIF AP shutdown work will replace the ARB interview action item documented in the Cambridge minutes, hence one of the first tasks is to identify the interview process and come up with the interview questions
  • Rick volunteered to come up with the initial list of questions.
  • Austin will review the questions and come up with more detailed questions
  • We will review the questions at the next SAIF AP call.
  • Identify areas that need to continue moving forward which were under the SAIF AP umbrella (i.e. CMET management)

Create agenda for the Jan 2014 WGM

  • Lorraine nor Austin will be available
  • Rick could use that quarter to conduct the interview, such as with the Cross Paradigm project or perhaps Abdul Malik regarding any progress on the Artifact Definition work.
  • Hence the agenda will be:
    • Interviewing SAIF AP project facilitators

Next call's agenda:

  • Rick's list draft Interview Quesitons
  • Austin's review of the SAIF AP projects, and identify which should be interviewed
  • Finalized list of who will be interviewed in San Antonio

Adjourned 12:45 PM Eastern Time

New Action Items

Rick - Create the initial list of interview questions. Provide to the SAIF AP group. Austin will create more detailed questions.
Rick - Create the agenda for the WGM meeting (e.g. get commitments from the SAIF AP project facilitators to be interviewed in San Antonio)
Austin - prioritize which projects should be interviewed