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René (1 trailing é please, not 2) is a Senior Consultant for Ringholm. See the Ringholm website for other CV style info.

Ringholm is based in Germany, our training/consultancy activities are focused on Europe. Ringholm is a member of 5 affiliate organizations. During WGMs I mostly represent either HL7 the Netherlands or HL7 Germany, mainly in committees such as RIMBAA (of which I'm a co-chair), MnM, Implementation, INM, Marketing, Structured Documents TC, Patient Administration TC and Laboratory.

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European Attendee List (marked X)

At Name Affiliation Email Address
  Adri Burggraaff SLZ, NL
  Albert van 't Hart E-Novation bv, NL
  Alexander Henket Nictiz, NL
  Andra Achterberg AAIT, NL
  Andrea Ceiner ItalTBS, IT
  Andrea Poli O3 Enterprise, IT
  Andrew Hinchley CPL Healthcare, UK
  Andy Harris National Institute of Health Research (NIHR), UK
  Ann Wrightson NHS Wales Informatics Service, UK
  Arild Hollas CSAM Health, NO
  Arnt Lockert ,NO
  Arthur Kuipers UMCG, NL
  Axel Kvale NHN, NO
  Bas van Poppel CSC ISoft, NL
  Bertil Reppen Apertura, NO
  Bjorn Moe NHN, NO
  Charlie Bishop iSoft, UK
  Davide Magni ItalTBS, IT
  David Bowen GOSH, UK
  Erich Kramer PCS, AT
  Ernst de Bel UMCN, NL
  Ewout van den Bosch VUMC, NL
  Ewout Kramer Furore, NL
  Francesco Rossi TBS, IT  
  Francis Lessmann VUMC, NL
  Franz Habich PCS, AT
  Freek Geerdink Vrumun, NL
  Georgio Cassetti Noemalife, IT
  Gert Broekhaar RIVM, NL
  Gert-Jan Marsman NSpyre, NL
  Giuseppe Lapis , IT
  Guglielmo "Willy" de Walderstein RP Ziekenhuis, NL
  Hans Jonkers Philips, NL
  Hans Vonkeman Furore, NL
  Henk Enting MGRID, NL
  Henk-Jan Snoodijk VUMC, NL
  Hugh Glover Blue Wave, UK
  Jo Piene Siemens, NO
  Jorn Agnar Solheim Tieto, NO
  Jos Verhagen Portavita, NL
  Kjetil Sanders CSAM Health, NO
  Leo van Romunde , NL
  Leonardo Truscello Webred, IT
  Libero Maesano Simple Engineering, IT/FR
  Lorraine Constable Constable Computing, CA
  Mark Sinke Forcare, NL
  Martijn Kruit VUMC, NL
  Massimo Frossi ItalTBS, IT
  Oyvind Waal Akershus University Hospital, NO
  Rene Jensen Oslo University, NO
X Rene Spronk Ringholm, NL
  Pekka Kola Tieto Healthcare, FI
  Peter de Jong Ordina ICT, NL
  Richard Schluter Parnassia Bavo, NL
  Robert Worden Open Mapping Software Ltd, UK
  Roberta Gazzarata Unige, IT
  Roberto De Lorenzi , IT
  Roelof Middeljans UMCG, NL  
  Ruth Steinhauer Siegele Software, AT
  Sara Gaion ItalTBS, IT
  Saverio Sabina CNR, IT
  Silvano Montanari Dedelus, IT
  Tessa van Stijn Nictiz, NL
  Tom de Jong NovaPro, NL
  Tommy Kristiansen CSAM Health, NO
  Tor-Eirik Bakke Lunde NHN, NO
  Viola Parodi Infinity Technology Solutions, IT
  Wim Koster UMCG, NL
  Willem Dijkstra MGRID, NL
  Wouter Tesink Nictiz, NL
  Yeb Havinga MGRID, NL

Meeting Attendance (marked P)

At Name Affiliation Email Address
  Abdul Malik Shakir COH, US
  Adel Ghlamallah CIHI, CA
  Alan Nicol Informatics, UK
  Alejandro Pica EMA, UK
  Alexander Henket E-Novation, NL
  Alex de Jong Siemens, US
  Alex Zupan ItalTBS, IT
  Ameet Pathak Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, US
  Amnon Shabo IBM, IL
  Andrew McIntyre Medical Objects, AU
  Andy Stechislin GordonPoint, CA
  Anil Luthra , US
  Ann Wrightson NHS Wales, UK
  Assaf Halevy DBmotion
  Bertil Reppen Apertura, NO
  Bill Friggle Sanofi Aventis, US
  Brian Pech KP, US
  Brian Davis 3rd Millenium, US
  Bruce McKinnon JassCo, CA
  Charlie McCay Ramsey, UK
  Chirag Bhatt FEI Systems, US
  Chris Melo Philips, US
  Chris Winters Vocollect Healthcare Systems, Inc., US
  Dale Nelson , US
  Dan Kokotov 5AM Solutions, US
  Dave Barnet NHS, UK
  David Rowed Ocean Informatics, AU
  Dave Shaver Corepoint health, US
  Diane Gutiw SAIC, US
  Duana Bender Mohawk College, CA
  Ed Larsen Larsen Inc., US
  Ernst de Bel UMCN, NL
  Ewout Kramer Furore, NL
  Gavin Morris Kestral, AU
  Geoffry Roberts Blue Thread LLC, US
  George de la Torre Tufts Health, US
  Gordon Raup Datuit LLC, US
  Grahame Grieve AU
  Heath Frankel Ocean Informatics, AU
  Hugh Glover BlueWave Informatics, UK
  Hugh Leslie Ocean Informatics, AU
  Ian Bull ACT health, AU
  Ilia Fortunov Microsoft, US
  Jane Curry HIS inc, CA
  Jean Henri Duteau GPI, CA
  Joe Ketcherside , US
  John Finbraaten Marshfield Clinic, US
  John Harvey Iatric, US
  John Koisch Guidewire Architecture, CA
  John Timm IBM, US
  John Ulmer ??, US
  Justin Fyfe Mohawk College, CA
  Kai Heitmann Heitmann Consulting, DE
  Kenneth Salyards SAMSHA, US
  Kenneth Weng CareFx, US
  Lee Coller Oracle, US
  Linda Birn MOH Holdings, SG
  Lyssa Neel Infoway, CA
  Lorraine Constable CA
  Madan Gopal Arizona dept. of Health Services, US
  Marilyn Maguire Fuji Med, US
  Mario Roy Iatric, US
  Mark Bevivino Iatric, US
  Mark Shafarman Shafarman Consulting, US
  Mark Tucker Regenstrief, US
  Massimo Frossi Ital TBS, IT
  Michael van der Zel Groningen University Hospital,
and Results4Care, NL
  Mike Rossman KP, US
  Muhammad Afzal SEECS, PK
  Nasrar Chearg Interfaceware, US
  Nick Radov Axolotl, US
  Patrick Loyd GPI, CA
  Pascal Mattiocco KP, US
  Paul Boyes Guidewire Architecture, CA
  Perry Vonk SAIC, CA
  Peter Gummer Ocean Informatics, AU
  Peter Hendler KP, US
  Rene Spronk Ringholm, NL
  Richard Kronstad Carefacts, UK
  Richard Thoreson SAMSHA-CSAT, US
  Rik Smithies NHS, UK
  Robert Worden Open Mapping Software, UK
  Sam Heard Ocean Informatics, AU
  Sean Muir VA, US
  Scott Parkey Axolotl, US
  Stacy Berger COH
  Steven Royce NEHTA, AU
  Steve Fine Cerner, US
  Tessa van Stijn Nictiz, NL
  Tim Dodd CA
  Tod Ryal Cerner, US
  Todd Parnell 5AM Solutions, US
  Tony Lam MOH Holdings, SG
  Vassil Paytchev Epic, US
  Yunwei Wang Siemens, US
  Zhijing Liu Siemens, US

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