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  • Co-chair of the Dutch RIMBAA RIM Based Appl.Architectures SIG.
  • Actively working on implementing HL7v3 in a SOA in the University Medical Center Groningen (see RIMBAA: UMCG).

Some keywords

  • Healthcare Service Bus
    • Enterprise Service Bus
    • BPMN
    • SOA Governance
    • HL7 v3 Template Repository
  • Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE)
  • Domains and Topics
    • Care Provision
    • Care Plan
    • Clinical Statement
    • Clinical Data Repository (using JPA)
    • Clinical Document Architecture (now Certified CDA Specialist!)
    • Lab Result
    • HL7 v3 Templates / Detailed Clinical Models
  • Model Driven Development / Architecture
  • HL7 v3 Software Factory
  • Java6 Glassfish
  • Microsoft
    • .Net 3.5 WCF
    • InfoPath
    • SharePoint
  • Common User Interface (NHS, CfH)

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