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The Transmission SLA contains service level agreements related to the transmission of information that have been pre-negotiated between the organizations of the Sender and Receiver.

Relevant Motions

May2006 Out-of-cycle: New motion Grahame / Gaby, vote: 30-0-5

INM should investigate increased reliance on SLAs or contracts and policies and on decreasing the reliance on the attributes in the message that support on the fly negotiation of SLA. Some options include

  • Document the set of transport and protocol parameters that are available and which would need to be negotiated to achieve communication of HL7 instances.
  • Of the parameters identified above, INM should identify those for which use-cases exist for HL7 implementers to negotiate the parameter "on the fly" as part of HL7 message communication, and which thus need to be exposed in the instance

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