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Request from HL7 Sweden

The following motion has been made related to a request for funding support for the HL7 Asia Conference from HL7 China

  • It was moved by HL7 Norway and seconded by HL7 France to approve the request for sponsorship of $1500 USD for the HL7 Asia Conference from HL7 China. The funding is a bursary to support the HL7 Asia meeting and conference held August 19-20, 2017 in Beijing, China.
    • Request submitter: Michio Kimura – HL7 Asia on behalf of HL7 China
    • Amount requested: $1500 USD
    • Purpose: Bursary for HL7 Asia meeting and conference on Aug 19-20 2017at Beijing, China.
    • Recipient: HL7 China

Result of Vote

  • The motion to approve the request for funding from HL7 China was carried with 20 votes registered. Affirmative 20, Abstain 0, Negative 0, No Vote 15.
    • Quorum for financial decisions is 51% = 18 members
Affiliate / Role
HL7 Argentina - Affirmative
HL7 Australia - Affirmative
HL7 Austria - Affirmative
HL7 Canada - Affirmative
HL7 Croatia - Affirmative
HL7 Czech Republic - Affirmative
HL7 Finland - Affirmative
HL7 Germany - Affirmative
HL7 Italy - Affirmative
HL7 Japan - Affirmative
HL7 Norway - Affirmative
HL7 Poland - Affirmative
HL7 Singapore - Affirmative
HL7 Russia - Affirmative
HL7 Switzerland - Affirmative
HL7 The Netherlands - Affirmative
HL7 Taiwan - Affirmative
HL7 UAE - Affirmative

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