RCRIM Working Group Meeting Agendas

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January 2014


Day Date Qtr Time Event Session Leader Room
Monday Q1-3 9:00-3:30 Not meeting
Q4 3:30-5:00 aECG Ballot Discussion Barry Brown Frio
Tuesday Q1 9:00-10:30 Patient Safety related Projects Mead Walker and Ed Helton Frio
Q2 11:00-12:30 Business Meeting Ed Helton, Don Jaccard, John Kiser Frio
Q3 1:45 -3:00 BRIDG update Ed Helton Frio
Q4 3:30 -5:00 not meeting
Wednesday Q1-Q3 9:00-3:30 not meeting
Q4 3:30 -5:00 Joint w/CIC CIC Llano
Thursday Q1-4 9:00-5:00 not meeting

Past Agendas


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