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(Minutes, Conference Calls and WGM)
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* Teleconference - 2016-12-12 (optional post ballot open)
* Teleconference - 2016-12-12 (optional post ballot open)
* Teleconference - 2017-01-09
* Teleconference - 2017-01-09
==WGM Agendas and Minutes==
*[[Publishing WGM Agenda 201701|San Antonio TX, Jan 2017]]
==HL7 V2.x Publishing Sub Group==
==HL7 V2.x Publishing Sub Group==

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HL7 V2.x Publishing Sub Group

The V2.x Publishing Work Group is responsible for the publishing of HL7 Version 2.x

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The V3 Publishing is responsible for publishing all HL7 non-V2.x Standards (V3 Messaging, CDA, etc.)

Minutes, Conference Calls and WGM

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V3 Publishing "How To ..." Documents

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