List of Precepts Under Development

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  • Artifact governance
  • Create precept regarding addressing identifier errors
  • Bringing large projects into HL7
    • Engagement in large cross-organizational projects
  • SGB to produce a precept requiring that, in order to publish a specification, it has to be conformant to any harmonization patterns that HL7 has published
  • State Machine Alignment
  • How groups are to interact with Publishing, EST, Vocabulary, etc. WGs
  • Engaging the implementer community in the consideration of changes as artifacts mature
  • The addition of new tools (with EST)
  • Vocabulary
  • Vitality Assessment
  • Making sure that WGs involve those whose content domain they’re touching
  • A portion of a Normative standard being dropped to a lower level (STU) during the ballot process, and is that a substantive change?
    • One possible solution would be that these cases go to recirculation ballot.
  • Create precepts that require that it be articulated in the standards how the value sets specified within the standards respond to changes in regulation, licensing, time, etc.

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