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Use-case: persons in the Netherlands get assigned a national ID a couple of days after their birth. The v3 Person topic is used by the national registry. The scoper of the identified Person role is the Dutch Ministry of the Interior. The identifier is used both as a Person identifier as well as a Patient identifier.

In Neonatal care there may be a requirement to identify a newborn person prior to it being assigned a national ID. The static model does contain the time of birth, the person name, and PersonalRelationship MTH (Mother) to identify the mother. This is sufficient data to identify the 'Identified' role.

  1. A tempting solution is to use the NAV (Not Avaialble yet) Nullflavor in the attribute. The current Person Registry Record Added (PRPA_IN101301UV02) interaction has a mandatory id attribute.
    • Bad idea.
  2. Another solution is to use a (local) temporary identifier, and to replace it by a more permanent identifier at a later point in time. If this is the preferred way of dealing with this, then see Issue: Change Person Identifier List for unresolved issues around the changing of person identifier.
  3. Assignment of a (permament or temporary) identifier by means of a real-time on-line service immediately after birth. Used in BC, planned for Norway.
    • Most attractive option from a workflow perspective

-> go for option 2.

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