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There is a use-case for a "Change Person Identifier List" (as it existed in v2 for Patients, see ADT A47, section of HL7 2.x describes the underlying use case) in a v3 Norwegian project.

The Norwegian national person registry supports a refined model based on the Person topic materials as created by PA. The national person registry may have been using a temporary identifier for an as-of-yet-non-permanent-Norwegian-resident. When this person becomes a permanent-resident of Norway they get assigned a different identifier to be used as the primary key of the person record. The old ID is no longer used, although it will be listed in OtherIDs to maintain a link between the old and the new identifier. The player and scoper (the Norwegian government) stay the same. The new identifier is used to identify the exact same existing identified person role.

Note that this is not the DuplicatesResolved interaction, as we're dealing with just one single person record in the person registry.


Does the committee view the 'change of patient identifier' to be a simple 'person registry update', or would it like to see a proposal to add a new "Change Patient Identifier Notification" indetaction?

I could have asked how to cover A47 in v3, the solution would be applicable to the Person topic as well. So how does one support A47 in v3?

Norman: > I'd like to see a written description of a real life scenario and the data > requirements (per the HDF) to understand the underlying requirement rather > than just choosing between two proposed solutions, neither of which seems > appropriate to me. Use-case description: ADT A47 (although for a Patient role, and not an IdentifiedEntity role), section of HL7 2.x.

Discussion 2009-01-14 at PA WGM: DuplicatesResolved interaction

  • new payload has IdentifiedRole with new primary key and old primary key in (with statusCode OtherIDs set to suspended/inactive/?? as an indication that old identifier is no longer valid).
  • old payload has old primary key in IdentifiedRole.

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