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This page should provide an overview about existing or ongoing activities on Implementation Guides. Currently, there is an ongoing project within ICTC to collect information about implementation guides. HL7 Germany has provided a template which can be used as a template for writing those guides. However, it is informative and may provide information of what can be placed within such a guide.

It should be noted, that IHE is doing a lot on integration profiles which are based on v2.x and V3/CDA. Some of them are known, others are not. However, it may make sense to collect this information in a central place as it may be unknown to some of us.

If you have additional information pleaes feel free to add it to the list.

Version 2.x

Implementation Guides (by country)

Implementation Guides (by organisation)


  • Editors/Validators
    • MWB (Message Workbench)
  • HAPI (HL7 API)
  • Message Maker (NIST)
  • DVTk (DICOM Validation Toolkit)

Version 3

Implementation Guides (by country)

  • USA
  • Germany
    • Data Types
    • Versichertenstammdaten
    • Order Entry Communication using Patient Care Transfer Requests
    • Diagnosis (ICD10 + ICD-O (TNM-classification))
  • The Netherlands

Implementation Guides (by organisation)

  • IHE

HL7 Templates

  • Patient Care SIG
    • score and assessment systems (in progress)

Please see also the [detailed clinical information models] (DCM) website.


Implementation Guides (by country)

Implementation Guides (by organisation)

    • XDS-SD (CDA level 0)
    • XDS-MS
    • Emergency Department Referral
    • PHR Extract
    • Antepartum Care Summary
    • Functional Status Assessment
    • CDA Templates
  • epSOS
    • Medical Summary
    • ePrescription

direct links by country


  • Editors
    • CDA-Editor
  • Validators
    • NIST
    • Alschuler Associates

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