IIWG TCON 2016-05-24

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  1. Discuss 3 Year Roadmap
    1. As part of the review of working group activities, we will discuss what items should be tracked as projects in the upcoming three years.
  2. Discuss any new project proposals.
  3. Discuss ImagingManifest
    1. Agreed upon at the WG meeting, we will discuss finalizing the updates in the build system for the ImagingManifest (capitalizing on the work of ImagingObjectSelection and work since then).
  4. Review tracker items
  5. Discuss relationship between MWL, UPS-RS, and FHIR Workflow

Additional Items

  1. "codedDiagnosis - unclear what diagnosis this represent (billing, working, ruled out, final). There is no clear link to Condition where that would be clarified. Should we just point to Condition resource. Get clarification from Grahame and get AP and II input." (tracker 9981 / 9859)

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