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There may be new requirements for the Act Reference topic (shared messages domain).

The iEHR project (See CIHI project page) is working on HL7 message based SOA Sig/RLUS functionality.

We already have 90% of these requirements in the shared message domain. There is some concern that there may be incompatible overlap. But the iEHR folks think that what we have is ok, but there’s a few things new that are needed. The existing material is normative, and there is a proposal for R2 already (published in the September 2006 cycle), so this fits into our plans. iEHR expects to have about 6 new messages.

Motion (May2006 WGM): we are willing to study this and if it’s found to be within our scope then we will accept this proposal as a work item. Rene / Sandy.

Discussion (May2006 WGM): It will be put on the list and we will look for a telecon slot. 15-0-0

Lloyd (Dec2006): The project will start in January 2007; proposals are likely to be brought forward during the May2007 WGM.

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