FHIR Specification Feedback (DSTU 2)

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This is the welcome page for feedback from DSTU

General Feedback

See the FHIR support page...

Specific feedback requested:

  • About Section 5.1.7 Merging records
    • If two Patient records have been linked somehow, then I'd expect a query for one of the Patient.identifiers of one of these Patient resources to return a response as if a query was executed against all of the linked patient records. A link of type seealso is likely to be another FHIR Server, so we may have to limit this behaviour to records that are linked and available on a single server. This is akin to some of the v2 implementations around linking patient records. The alternative is to burden the client with checking for links and executing multiple queries; to me this is functionality that should be taken care of by the server. Rene spronk (talk) 10:42, 29 October 2015 (EDT)
  • About updates

I would like to see an update option similar to the conditional update but where a match would tell the server this is a duplicate so the server would do nothing. This would save processing time and logic on the server. Uploading duplicate data is going to be inevitable.

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