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FHIR can and is profiled by organizations other than HL7. This page captures these organizations and the profiles they have published.

The status of these specifications is the other Organizations responsibility.

Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE)

IHE publishes their profiles on http://www.ihe.net

An IHE Profile is equivalent to a FHIR Implementation Guide. They take a specific use-case, define Actors, define Transactions, and define Options; From this a set of interoperability constraints are defined for each Actor within that Profile. These constraints can be coded as a FHIR Profile.

IT Infrastructure (ITI) domain

The IT Infrastructure profiles are published on the IHE Technical Framework web site and described on the IHE Wiki


Patient Care Coordination (PCC) domain

Patient Care Coordination profiles are published on the IHE Technical Framework, and described on the IHE wiki.

  • Clinical Mapping (CMAP) supports mapping to and from clinical terminologies - Published 2015-08-05
  • Guideline Appropriate Ordering (GAO) Supplies a mechanism by which EHR and departmental systems can evaluate orders to determine whether these orders conform to guidelines. - Published 2015-08-05
  • Reconciliation of Clinical Content and Care Providers (RECON) Provides the ability to communicate lists of clinical data that were reconciled, when they were reconciled and who did the reconciliation using CDA® constructs and FHIR® Resource attributes - Revised 2015-08-05
  • Dynamic Care Planing (DCP) Profile provides the structures and transactions for care planning, sharing Care Plans that meet the needs of many, such as providers, patients and payers. Published

Radiology Imaging (RAD) domain

Radiology Imaging profiles are published on the IHE Technical Framework, and described on the IHE wiki.

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